Jays Fans Behavior Vs CFL?!

Don't ever remember beer cans flying when say the 13th man incident with the green Riders and what about our hearts being broken when we lost a Grey Cup on the speedy B flag ?! CFL fans are the class of Canada no beer cans and no octopus on the ice ! Especially our fans after the heartbreaker last year , I bet police cars and windows would have been smashed last night in HOGTOWN if the Jays lost ! That Behavior last night was pure class I must say :thdn: :
ps in Toronto anybody notice that Toronto FC made the playoffs for the first time !!! :roll:

Except for this ...


0.25 second mark. Replay @ 0.50 seconds.

That's ok it was an Argo , a Broke$$ ex Argo ! Plus a baby didn't get sprayed with beer! :lol:

How about the time the Roughriders suspended the sale of beer in cans after a large scale can-throwing incident where the visitors' bench had to flee to midfield for safety?

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/roughriders-put-lid-on-beer-can-sales-1.770920]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatche ... s-1.770920[/url]

You can find morons anywhere. I’m about as unsympathetic to Toronto baseball fans as it gets, but drunk baseball fans don’t have a monopoly on stupid behavior.

How about the Toronto FC fans who were verbally abusing a hot female sports tv reporter calling her a **++++?!? It's a common practice in English football or a rant of some sort And these two morons got fired from their jobs !!!!

Our worst was the ear nibbler incident!!an Arogant Argo! But no cans of beer were spilt our fans don't spill a drop ," win or lose we drink the booze!!! ":lol: :thup: :lol:

As always when this is brought up, I must note that I had to pull my 9 year old daughter away from the incident. She was asking me what the angry man was doing to the other man’s ear about 5 feet away from us!

This is an outrage.....

Not quite beers but this year I think Bob and company learned not to give away anything to the fans that can be thrown.

i e those little footballs hahahaha sigh... good times

CFL fans are better behaved. Well, except for Argos.

Former Argos owner falsely accused of tossing beer into Texas Rangers dugout

It's easy to paint everyone with a broad brush, think you are throwing stones from a glass house. Very happy I am able to enjoy this playoff run as a fan, seems like the more the Jays win, the more some people around here find more reasons to hate them.

There is now way in hell I’m throwing a beer that cost nearly $12.00 lol

Throwing full cans of beer is unacceptable!
It is alcohol abuse, empty cans only please! :wink:

I liked CHCH's Hebsies blog about this topic, he points out it is your duty to point out the tin tossers to security to be recycled ,not verbatum exactly .
Plastic beer cups returning to a Sporting event near you soon ?
Peoples Eyes have been taken out by smaller thrown objects!

Baseball doesn't have a monopoly on stupid fans. There are plenty to go around in all sports. Thankfully, they're in a minority in all sports too.

For the record the ear biter was a Tiger-Cats fan.

[url=http://www.thestar.com/news/insight/2010/09/18/sports_rivalries_when_hating_another_human_being_is_standard_behaviour.html]http://www.thestar.com/news/insight/201 ... viour.html[/url]

I know he bit an ARGOHOLIC !!!!! :lol: :thup: :thdn: :twisted: