Jays and the 2021 MLB Season

I love this team. Lump in the throat watching last night's pre game ceremonies. The way everybody on this team just seems to love everybody else on this team awesome.

And understanding what they mean to the city of Toronto provinces Ontario ND baseball fans across Canada thumbs up.

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That's great, a couple of more weeks and they should be able to play in front of 45k

Have to watch out for the Delta variant though. Keep on eye on this.

Nice to see the Jays back home in Canada though. Hopefully they won't have to go back to the States to play their home games any longer. Hopefully for the team and the fans.

9-2 for their first true homestand. Awesome!


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Their playoff chances before returning home had fallen to something like 20%, but that home stand sure changed the outlook. It sure is nice having a true home field advantage again. Let's hope they keep it up on the road and snatch that wild card. 3 games behind.

Double header again tomorrow against the Angels. 6 ET then 10 ET.

I have been a fan of the Jays ever since the first season. They have never had a collection of players that were so fun to watch and likable as this group in all those years. In fact I can't think of a team I cheer for in any sport that has ever had a roster as likeable and as much fun to watch as this one is.


This is the most likable group of players i have ever watched.

Hows the eyeballs Pat. Any better?

Unfortunately no real improvements with my eyes but the right highest stabilized at least and I've become somewhat more accustomed to it. It's still very tough to read anything. And just really focus on anything too clearly. Watching TV it's it's like you want to find tune the picture it's all granular looking but at least in somewhat ball in baseball.. the color blind aspect of it makes it a bit tougher to follow the football as it really seems to blend in remember what I was watching football over the weekend. Had another MRI yesterday and I'm just waiting for diagnosis or prognosis.

For your amusemant, Dan Shulman dropped this random bit of trivia in the second inning: The Angels have a minor league affiliate called the Rocket City Trash Pandas.

Their logo:



That looks more like a racoon than a panda.

Or are racoons referred to as pandas in the trash?:sweat_smile::joy:

Minor league baseball is full of silly team names ..ours is kinda dumb The Jumbo Shrimp ..
But then there are teams like
The Biscuits
The Amarillo Sod Poodles
The Sea Unicorns
The Savannah Bananas

Nothing beats the Toledo Mudhens.

I dunno ....

Oh got me there :joy::rofl::beers:

trash panda

A raccoon

Those damn trash pandas keep tearing up my garbage bags.

That field of dreams game they played in the corn field looked really cool .

I didn't like the "field of dreams" game... if it had been played without the huge jumbotron in the cornfield and a scoreboard like the one they use at Fenway, it would been a better. I thought that was the whole idea of that game, but they went overboard with technology

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Inching closer to a wildcard with a 6 game win streak


BIG day for Canadian Baseball
Larry Walker is off to Cooperstown
:+1: :canada: :baseball:

• lifetime .313/.400/.565 batting line
• 383 HR
• 230 SB
• 1997 NL MVP
• 3x batting titles
• 3x Silver Slugger
• 5x All-Star
• 7x Gold Glove
• 72.7 WAR

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