Jays and the 2021 MLB Season

well it's also true that the young position players have been Shapiro influenced. But Jays have had problem getting, growing or having a solid pitching staff for eons.

i'm not a Pete Walker fan. pitching coach for 9 years. Way too many injuries coming out of ST for my tastes.

When will I ever learn. I must never post in this forum with positive comments about how good a team I cheer for is looking. Always, always, always a downward trend will follow.

I risked my jinx with a positive post about the Raptors when they were really on a roll and looked like they had a shot at a top 4 in conference finish. Sure enough that week their downward spiral began losing something like 11 of their next 13 games.

So after my bombs away post I thought my jinx would be repelled by adding a negative bullpen comment. But apparently that wasn't enough and 5 consecutive losses followed.

Fellow Ti-Cats fans. If at any time this season I post anything that even hints at something positive about the team immediately message me to delete the comment.

Maybe that will overcome the 'Oh-oh! Travelpat posted something positive about one of his teams' jinx that inevitably hits my teams after a positive post from me.

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Jays starting pitcher(Manoah) tossed from game after bench clearing incident in Baltimore

And Baltimore has hit 6 home runs in this game (8th inning now).

Mountcastle has hit 3 hrs himself.

Incredible comeback by the Jays in the top of the 9th to take the lead at 10-7

Not saying anything positive about them but oh my! How many times were they down to the last strike in the top of the ninth - 10 or more times?

And unrelated to the Jays my hometown is Dundas and a hometown boy is going to be in the sports headlines tomorrow. Not gonna say any more. I don't want to jinx him.

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I'm originally from Dundas myself! :yellow_heart:

There once was a man from Dundas
Whose balls where plated with brass
When he clanged them together
They played Stormy Weather
And Lightning :zap: shot out of his ass! :rofl:

And yes I will be tuned in to the US Open tomorrow. :golf:

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Mackenzie Hughes with some horrible bad luck!
Ball bounced off the cart path and was stuck in the tree

Vladdy and Semien are currently leading in round 2 for All Star voting for their positions but Bichette could use a helping hand still. Why not head on over and vote for Bo and maybe we'll get three Jays starting the All Star game. You can cast 1 vote per night from MLB, then when you're finished scroll down a bit and look for the Vote through Google button. This will take you to a Google run page that will let you vote for Bichette a second time. :+1:

edit: Actually I just noticed that Google lets you vote for up to 17 players, so you can actually vote for Vladdy, Semien, Bichette, Teoscar, and Grichuk each. You may need a Google account for it to work.

Three Jays hitters starting the all-star game and a fourth coming off the bench! Hasn't happened since the World Series days, not bad!


They are a fun bunch to watch. I 'm not sure they all deserve it as I don't watch many others on other teams nor am I sure that they don't . But these guys really have my interest.

I'm glad that Vlady is passing on the HR derby. That event can mess up a swing pretty quickly.

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You said it ! They sure are !

The Cleveland Indians are now....

Cleveland changes their name to Guardians

I thought they would have gone with Spiders. There's a brief history with that name in late 1800s baseball in the city.


"'Guardians' reflects those attributes that define us while drawing on the iconic Guardians of Traffic just outside the ballpark on the Hope Memorial Bridge. It brings to life the pride Clevelanders take in our city and the way we fight together for all who choose to be part of the Cleveland baseball family"

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Surprised I didnt see comments about homecoming

July 30th
15,000 tickets

Eww really?
That is best they could come up with?

Me too thought Spiders was going to be it . History plus a

Very unique splashy name and a bit of a dark undertone if you want to go that way as well .

Guardians just makes me think of that comic book franchise they have going with the Disney ride .

New York XFL team had that name as well .


I'll get used to it.

I would have been fine with "Tribe". I'm just glad we're one step closer to relegating "Indian" to the past, not because I think it's offensive, it's just the wrong word. "Indian" literally means "person from India" and I'm getting sick of explaining "No, no, I mean real Indians, Old World Indians, not the fake Columbus-was-a-dumb-####-Indians"

My only First Nations friend is pretty opposed to all of this. It's a sample size of one, but meh. Every time I hear him rant about cancel culture changing native names I feel like pointing out "It's not your nation dude." He's first nations ancestry, yes, but that's like me asserting that my opinion on Scottish politics should matter because my ancestors were English. Right island, wrong nation. The only opinion that matters are the nations that live around Cleveland and I defer to their judgment based on the racism and hardships they personally endured. If they were mistreated throughout history by the people of Cleveland and Ohio then this is just Karma coming full circle.

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