Jays and the 2021 MLB Season

That I enjoyed. Fantastic season opener on TV coast to coast in both the USA and Canada with the Jays 3-2 winners in a ten inning dandy over the Yankees! Really fun one to watch with the Jays showing surprisingly great defence timely hitting and superb pitching. And I do love the rule they kept from last year of extra innings starting with a runner at second.

Vladdy looked slimmer and good. Stat of the day hardest hit ever off the Yankee pitcher 114 mph liner up the middle.

Teoscar CRUSHED one which I'm sure had fans smiling all across Canada. Here the highlights.


Sportsnet had some issues trying to do post game interviews but otherwise pretty good broadcast from Yankee Stadium considering Dan Shulman was calling the game from a Sportsnet studio in Toronto and Buck Martinez was in his home I assume in Florida.

I know what I'll be doing at 1:00PM Saturday. Baseball is back!

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Yes, Jays start with a hard earned victory without Springer. It'll be interesting when exactly the Jays can play their home games in Toronto this season. I think it's May they are looking at now at the earliest. Who knows what will happen though.

Very good start to the season.

Take a series from the Yankees and show some nifty defence in so doing.

Then take out the Rangers 6-2 today.

Yup. So far so good.

Jays take Texas Rangers Home opener yesterday!

Over 36,000 unmasked, undistanced Texas fans watch Bluejays steal the Rangers Home opener yesterday!

Beautiful stadium and the stands look very close to the infield there.

i saw a lot of masks. Texas is an outlier. They have said we are free to manage risks. freedom at any costs. Remember the Alamo.

People are outside in the fresh air, some people will wear masks if they feel comfortable.

Looks like the Toronto Blue Jays of Dunedin are about the become the Toronto Blue Jays of Buffalo (again)

Sources: Buffalo Bisons set for temporary move to New Jersey (sportsnet.ca)

I had heard that was the plan. Hopefully at some point this year they can be the TORONTO Blue Jay's again.

Thursdays game vs Angels : Jays had 15 SO. That's the equivalent of 5 innings.

This team is so fundamentally poor they are hard to watch. Swinging for the fences, running basis, failure to move runners, manager being far to cute. Just awful.

The Jays $150 million dollar big signing George Springer was expected to finally make his debut tonight but was scratched with stiffness in his quad so his much anticipated debut will have to wait. So a bit disappointing when I tuned in and heard that news.

But what a show Vladdy Jr put on. Three home runs, one of them a Grand slam. 7 RBIs on the night as the Jays beat the Nationals 9 - 5. Even more impressive two of those were off three time Cy Young winner Max Scherzer one of baseball's best pitchers.

His Hall of Famer Dad never had a 3 homer game. He's batting .360 so far this season.

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Unreal hey...
11-11 now

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Guerrero was unreal last night.

Still concerned about the defence on the left side of the infield.

Biggio doesn't seem to know how to handle 3d base (Panik and Espinal play it much better), and Bichette is an error machine at shortstop; every time he has to make a throw to first it's an, ahem, adventure. I'd switch up and move Semien to short and Bichette to 2d base, and give that a try.

there are lots of defensive questions every where. They have a seemingly great group of players who are being used in a swiss army knife kind of way. But they do have to get a group to settle in and get used to the position. i hope Biggio finds a home position , i like him a lot. But he's playing his way off the team. i'm not as down with Bichette at SS as you are but i would try him at 3rd a bit. i think he would be a bit more stable there as he could plant and throw. Vlady is doing Ok now at first base.
Catcher is a bit of a gong show. But they are a good group of young men it appears.

It seems their games are going to be eventful to watch. Let's hope more of the good eventful like last night and not as much of the wtf eventful they show a bit too often.

Another good thing is that the rotation hasn't been the train wreck many were fearing.

Matz has been a real eye-opener.

And the bullpen been's pretty good too; just not too keen on Dolis.

That'll teach me. What a jinx. . .

Bichette played well though. Nice to see.

Guilty until proven innocent?

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