Jays and Leaf owners I will never watch another game

If you try to bring I and many another CFL fans will never watch another leaf or Jays game. keep you Jays and leafs owners dont take our football Leaque and our game and Grey Cup.

            I hope all Canadains sports fans will boybott your NFL team and not buy tickets or watch them on TV.

           You will be the most unpopular sports people in Canada. It`s all about money, not pride and

proud to be Canadian and keep and protect what his truely ours.

                CFL FAN HALIFAX

Did I miss something? When did Goodell announce that Toronto was getting an expansion team? The fact is too many AMERICAN cities want NFL franchises, so quit worrying about Toronto getting one, ffs.

....i think the article by Bobby Ackles has stirred up a few people...i don't think his concerns were for the near future ....but a long way down the road....demographics do change over the years...but they would have to change a helluva lot to ever allow an nfl franchise into Canada presently....however fans of the CFL should do whatever they can to support the league....a strong CFL will go along way in keeping the 'true north', nfl free... :wink:

It's all a bunch of Hot Air..

Toronto will get an NFL Team when Britney, Lindsay and Paris all become well behaved women and never do anything wrong again!

Wow they really do think they are the centre of the universe. Los Angles one of the biggest markets has no team. That see Toronto or Los Angles would get consideration. Not to mention other USA locals that would put their hat in the NFL ring. Will it happen who cares if it does it would not last long before the novelty wears out. The Jays losing millions of dollars a year is proof of it. Was there a baseball team in Montreal oh yes the Expos! No need to fear there is now one that stupid to put up that kind of money with no return. Threats from a blow hard in Toronto. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Bobby is also starting to talk to politicians and wants the people out west to do so.
Although it will never happen with the NFL, if there is any thought maybe the federal government will step in like the Liberals did way back when to stop the new USFL from coming by passing legislation. It was the minister Marc Lalonde from the Liberals back in the late seventies I believe.

The sky is falling the sky is falling.

If the NFL comes here, will hockey survive as well? Will curling disappear? Will lacrosse disband.

Will all of Canada submit to the Aemricns once the hallowed NFL arrives?

Is 51st statehood just around the corner?

Is that how powerful the NFL is?

Chicken Little would be so proud.

It's the wannabee "World Class" mentality here in the 51 state.
Disguisting I say.

I don't think, in all honesty, we will be seeing an NFL team in Toronto for a long, long time, well, at least as long as the CFL is alive in this country. Godfrey is hot air and likes to see himself in the papers and on TV but deep down he knows that he isn't bigger than the CFL commissioner's relationship with the NFL commissioner.

I don't watch the Maple Laughs anyways. Until the NHL does away with its 35 power plays per game for blinking at each other I'll support the WHL and the other Major Junior Teams all the time!

...i quit following the nhl with any intensity once the Jets folded (actually moved and became that powerhouse Coyote team)...i have little or no interest other than breeze over a few scores once in awhile....and find myself doing that less and less often....so you can count me as amongst the missing, also sport, when it comes to the No Hit League...i just immerse myself in local hockey during the winter..... :wink: and can't wait till t.c. opens in the CFL for the next season... :thup:

Im with you papazoola the day the Jets flew south ended hockey for me. You would think Toronto would try to get a NHL team first before a NFL one.

…you are so right… :lol: :lol: :lol:

Very Good!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well, it's not an issue for me, I don't follow hockey or baseball or the NFL, CFL only.

I'm with you hwgill.

Funny, I was thinking that exact same thing!

Sporty you and I (scary for you) think a like. I would not partake in watching icecapades (NHL) even if I was driven by Limo, tickets paid for with ten vestal virgins. I prefer the WHL myself. Way better hockey being played not by millionares.
Why do you think there is no NFL football in the City of Angels? Costs pushed them out of the largest market in the USA. Will they get a team there again? Well I am sure they will before you see the Universe team in Toronto.

Want to know a good piece of useless information ?

To Rent the Ice at Scotia bank place (Where the Ottawa sens play) $260 for 1 hour.

To rent the Ice at the Air Canada Center, for 1 hour.
Wait for it....$5000.