Jay Donald rumour???

I have heard that he was recently canned at CHQR in Calgary

This is the 'asshat' that called Charlie Roberts a .... horrible little puke' [last summer]

Can anyone confirm or deny this rumour? .... and did they toast Billy Powers too?


ps .... gostampsgo.com has nothing on this rumour [as far as I can find]

Hmmm I have not heard anything on this at all. Yes he did call douphous Roberts a little puke! ha ha haBilly Powers name is still on the web site as sports director. Jay Donald only does the Stmaps games from what I have heard. He has had a few running battles with other media in the Calgary area. So you never know I suppose.

Otherwise and overall is he good or bad for our league?

What does the league have to do with Jay Donald? He does the commentating on Stamps radio. :roll:

Well a spokesman or the Stamps is also a spokesman (indirectly) for the league

I was just wondering if he got canned .... partially because of his "horrible little puke" statements

Powers and Pete-sy .... are probably gonna be better without that 'asshat around' I am suprised Mark Stephen hasn't told him to .... "shove it" [probably because he was the boss]

3rd were you around when they had Billy Powers doing play by play? Do not get me wrong Billy is a great guy. But the last time he did play by play his statment "He kicked it right through f'n goal posts" caused a few people to laugh.
Jay Donald only commentates his views are not that of the Stampeders Organization but his views only. I have always though Jay did a good job. Yes like most of us he is opinionated no doubt. Charlie is a little puke :lol: