Javier Glatt- Lions need more dominant middle linebacker

Not sure if I'm asking too much but the Lions need a middle linebacker who is more dominate. Over the years Lions have had that but it seems that teams can run at will sometimes. He won the defensive player a few weeks ago based on two interceptions but the DBs seem to be making way too many tackles off the run. If I was the other team, I'll fan out the receivers and exploit the weakness.

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if we can solve the joe smith thing then we can move on from there! thanks for the concern!

Its been a tough go for sure. I agree with blacklion in that there are a couple bigger issues that need to be dealt with first.

Next to Saskatchewan, BC defense is second in yards allowed. Instead of an import linebacker, there might be reasons for Glatt in the middle. First, Glatt is one of the best Canadian linebackers in CFL and good Canadians are harder to recruit than imports. Secondly, BC defense is designed to be better against the pass than the run. Since CFL is mostly pass-oriented (because of only 2 downs), defenses should be geared toward the pass. Former star linebacker Simpson wasn't retained by BC, but the defense improved afterwards.

Yes I do agree that there are other issues but BC is vulnerable in the middle. Luckily I think the Lions are strong everywhere on their defence but not the middle. He is a decent Canadian but that position requires a dominate linebacker. Too often he is blocked and arrives after. Lions won't hopefully pay down the road. Defence is doing well because of the strong support from other positions. Joe Smith does not have the speed to go outside. Maybe their running game is too simple...search right search left from tackle to tackle. No outside threat. Reminds me of Sean Millington but an import. I used to work with Millington at BC Place in security in the SFU days and they is built the same as Joe. Find or trade a Canadian back to do what Joe is doing. Keep Logan.

Defense is the least of our worries right now.

I know you always try to "Upgrade" every position, but I can think of a few other areas first.

Defence is a HUGE worry right now! Offensive line and special teams coverage are also stinking it up, but back to this topic.

Glatt cant stop the run at middle. We do need a better player. I'd play Javier outside and maybe move Floyd to middle.

Finally someone who sees what I see. I watched him closely tonight and he made maybe 20% of tackles that he should have. Second play of the game, jock strap was on the ground as Calgary ran a long one for TD. Several other plays he must have been driven down 8 yards off the ball as Calgary ran up the middle. YOU NEED SOMEONE BETTER THERE!!! The defence will be better if they have confidence at the middle. Having said that the offence has to be more creative. Buck Pierce used Logan once at the end for a pass. What happen to the Screens? Draws? Swing passes? Take some pressure off the O Line. Jarious has a canon for an arm. USe it! Worse can happen at least it will open the underneath plays. We definately have a QB issue. Jarious has problems finding secondary receivers. Buck lacks playing time. Ian Smart bless his efort but not a threat. That explains why every team kicks to him. Even when they switched in the fourth quarter,Logan and Smart, Calgary continued to boot the ball to Smart. He is suppose to be the special team specialist? When I was coming home, they were talking about some Lion injuries...trust me they were in trouble way before that. A few of my quick observations. Good night!

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For god sake get someone in there who can shed a block and make a tackle without being dragged two three four yards everytime. Wally wake up!!!!

You groomed Jamal for the several years only to let him go for nothing. Get someone in there with a bad ass attitude! Wally you're starting to worry me!

OLB - Anton McKenznie
MLB - Jojuan Armour
OLB - Javier Glatt

Put Banks back in the secondary, release Glover.

Losing Rob Murphy hurt big time, no left tackle, no emotion, no leadership... hebrought a lot

Our D Line is a shadow of what it was. THey're getting pushed around by everybody.

There really isn't one around unless you look south. Then you are going to have to teach him the game while he configures the natural way he plays to the CFL game. By the time he does this and gets the defense how many mistakes will he have made or plays will he have not made.
Javier, is fine but not having an impact backer is hard on the defense. Just like not having an impact defensive lineman.

For god sake get someone in there who can shed a block and make a tackle without being dragged two three four yards everytime. Wally wake up!!!!


It's been pretty frustrating football to watch this season.

Yes, I'm getting tired of watching him chasing the play from behind, over running the play, being blocked out of the play, out of position, etc. He would probably make a better outside linebacker. How in the world did Jamal Johnson slip through our fingers? I assumed he would be back with the Lion's if the NFL thing did not work out, and here Hamilton scooped him up. Was he not wanted back in B.C.? These ex Lion's (Floyd, Johnson, Knowlton)sure have come back to haunt us! :twisted:

it's simple glatt is not a middle LB never was & never will be and what's up with his style of block tackling again he's not big enough for that kind of tackle, defense 101 wrap a guy up & wait for your buds to help out. you look a the teams that are winning and they've got a guy at LB'er or on defense that's full of piss & nastyness, and who is that guy on the lions??!!

Glatt is like a Shetland pony pulling a beer wagon, he has the heart, he has the will, he doesn't have the size. We need a Clydesdale there that can grab those little Shetland sized running backs and receivers ( not 'droppers", like the Lions seem to employ) and stop them in their tracks, being dragged for a first down, or missing altogether, in this league, just is not acceptable. I mean an undersized Middle Linebacker, a converted defensive back that is almost outweighed by a cheerleader, and An outside linebacker who runs like my grandmother with a bad hip. Anyone else notice the lack of any speed when McKenzie was chasing Porter to the sidelines, in the 4th quarter,? that fat guy eating a hotdog in each hand in section 29 could have run faster.
It seems in this town, what the fans want they don't get, usually due to egos of the GM and coaches, maybe do something stupid like sign another Hunt on a one game trial?, toss in an Armour to the mix, at the very least let a tackling demon like Aragki have a shot at linebacker, 10-1 he'll make more tackles than the welterweights in there combined.

Finally someone who sees what Emptyset has seen for a while. Here is a solution. Get Glatt to fill in at D End for passing situations and hopefully he can bring some much needed quickness and speed. Second get a bad ass import in the middle who can consistently limit the run to 2-4 yards instead of 8-10. Wally I don't care if he trash talks or has a bad attitude as long as he walks the walk. Floyd was not the answer but Jamal was...too late. Right now we don't have anyone who is marketable or resembles a leader. Having a DB do it is not the answer! Once you control the run the secondary can focus on their responsiblites.