im leaving for jasper i sunday andill be gone till next tuesday, so ill be for a while no more of RnR stupid asshle comments for a week and 2 days:)

Thanks dam I was looking for to one more of those! Watch out for the bears!

The Elk up there are even worse then the bears. There everywhere.

Naw those aren't Elk those are Edmontonians visiting the park.

Tell the truth! I've read the team forums....You and your cousin are going to miss the dyslexix little one.

God I can't even spell it.

Actually rumour has it, he's buying a new keyboard and getting spell check installed.

:( im sure gonna miss u guys for tht week lol

What are we going to do with out you? Hey a new topic! What will we do without RunNealonRun what do you think?

The most BEAUTIFUL place in the world, hands down ... hopefully the weather is better for you than it was for me ... I want to go back :frowning: