Jasons left hand glove

OK,....why does Jason Maas wear a glove on his left hand?

Ans....Jason must wear the glove to protect his left hand.

Hope you can remove this glove Jason(?) soon as it seems to have caused two miscues or fumbles.

Both came off the left hand glove as I watched on TSN replays.

I've often wondered if these gloves could be better custom made by the people who used to custom make goalie pads ..

Kineskeys in Hamilton.

I know they don't make pads for half the goalies in the NHL like they used to.

There must be somewhere you can get a better glove customized for Jasons left hand that protects it but allows for a good grip on the pigskin.

Ohhh please...... :roll:


I always wore a glove in baseball when I was batting....just a left glove, yet I batted right...not sure why really but maybe it was a comfort thingy.....similar to my habit of eating pasta while watching "Law and Order"... :lol:

whatever works!


(errrrrr, wait.....this post really didn't make sense now did it?.... :oops: )

The gloves should be off to get a feel for the ball ,unless injured.

Darren Flutie was a big proponent of recievers not wearing gloves,and I sure as heck agree.

But I'm saying try a new one ,like Carl Brewer used ,one with no palms.

Brewer was a Leaf defenceman with the palms cut out of his hockey gloves .

He could then hold your jersey without the refs seeing.

Did he tape on the tinfoil too (a la the Hansen brothers)?

Don't know Sig .

Or was it Bobby Baun that had no palm gloves....?


Has anyone consulted Michael Jackson regarding the glove matter? or OJ for that matter.

An Argo fan

i'm gonna guess here, that he uses it on his non throwing hand in order to reduce sweat and to cushion his hand during snaps.

like i said, just a guess....

Whatever works for him, works for me. The toss play to Ranek last night seemed doomed from the start, IMO. Perhaps I didn't have the full benefit of angles to watch seeing it on TV...

I recall Doug Flutie wearing gloves in the NFL for a time. Whatever is the comfort level of the player is alright with me.

Oski Wee Wee,