Jason who?

Ricky is making alot of analysts eat crow right now, and alot of the Eskie haters on this board

800 yards passing

4 TDs


75% completion rate.

does anyone wanna doubt now Edmonton shouldnt have traded Jason Maas, or the two INT a game man

You forgot last place in the West and 7th place in the league

oh god were in last over point differential...jeez we might as well give up the season now.

its gonna be great pounding you birdies again...

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i know your a Ricky hater. Ricky is not only better then Anthony but younger and has more Rings..

last is last is last.

By the way is that the best comback you could come up with?

umm it aint a comeback its fact our QB is better ,younger and has alot more years to cover his 8 other fingers with rings then yours

kinda hard to win rings from last place!

lol...we'll see whos last at the end of the season, your washed up old QB couldnt even post up good numbers against winnipeg lolol..

won both games though.....how bout yours?

Rickywashisnametheloser, is better then AC. Ha ha ha :lol: Your team did not deserve to win that game really! They one only because the Stampeders beat themselves.

you keep saying they beat themselves in every game…well when your getting outclassed like your team always is against us it just looks like your beating yourself…

and realy you think winning a game on a 40 yard throw on a broken play isnt luck, your lucky to 1-1

so how come you only outclassed them once??????

we outclassed them in the west semis, and last game

Ya ok but that dont change the fact that they stink this year!

I guess memories are all ya got!

Booing the team off the field when your team could nto even score a single in the first half of football just disgraceful! Ha ha ha I guess that will happen more this season. Teams now know how to play Ricky chipboy Ray.

we will make more meories againt his year..i just dont think calvillo is good enough to get there

Ummm (edit - rude), stats mean nothing if your team cant win the games. Remember when Calvillo got that 6000 yards passing season? We didnt even go to the Grey Cup that year. So please if your gonna start ranting about stats, look into that memory of yours and think of your friends in the east.

Kanga now I know this is you posting!

Make as many as you like! whatever they are!

Selected memories at that! :wink:


"Memories" is all've we got? Then what in the hell do you have?? Memories of going bankrupt? "memories" of losing 2 of the three last Cup's?

You keep sounding dumber and dumber...we have a legacy of success. Get over it...