Jason Vega signs in New England

....Bit of a loss as I really liked what he brought to the d line...Good luck to him...I hope Mack is working on getting Bowman and Turner done .... No panic yet but FA is just around the cornor... :roll:

Mack's kind of behind the 8 ball at this point. I believe that at least three of the remaining six potential Bomber free agents (Bowman, Turner and Denmark) have drawn NFL interest. That's what you get for bringing in all these talented young guys and when their contracts expire we can't compete with NFL money.

....Denmark is not much of a loss...Didn't think his play was up to parr last year AND we have some receivers coming back that really didn;t get a chance to play a lot last year, who I think are better......Bowman has said he's ready to return, especially in light of the fact Creehan has been rehired...Hard to put a light on the Turner situation BUT the closer it gets to fa and he isn't signed, I KNOW there's interest in him from other clubs...Hello riders/....of course that cuts both ways...Brackenridge looks to be someone the Bombers could be interested in....I expect to see quite a bit of player movement around the league in a few weeks... :wink:

For sure I agree about Denmark.

If Turner and Bowman make it to fa I hope Mack is willing to open up the wallet a bit. They're both quality players that I'd hate to lose.

And as far as fa goes, Brackenridge, Reilly and Perret are the three guys I'd really like to see us go after.

Someone just posted this on The Extra Point:

Further to Marcellus:

"After completing my first 3 years in the CFL, I am now a free agent. I am blessed to have been able to play 3 years up in the (literally) frozen north. Being a free agent is a very unpredictable state to live in. One day your comfortable with you're future, next day you are scared. Then 2 days later you want to stay, and sure enough, 24 hours later you are ready to go."


Sounds like he's undecided about what he's going to do.

Bowman and Turner, though quality players, are replacable, so its really no big deal if they choose to walk.

Out of the guys we have reaching Free Agency however, Id like to see them both stay as well as Kashama. The rest can walk.

As for Vega, I dont like what he brings, Three sacks one game, two sacks another, then nothing the rest of the year. Ill be happy giving Mainor and Yenga their chances.

Im hoping for Yenga to be our next Gavin Walls. A stellar CFL DE that wont get a sniff in the NFL because of his size. He's certainly got the physical Creds to do so for us!

...Bowmans indecision is starting to remind me of a guy by the name of Carr when he hit fa....I bet if Greg had to do it over again he would've told Tilman to take a hike...I think he regrets the move AND by the look of him is sask.I don't think he's a happy camper...Some of these guys, especially imports, get the idea that they're irreplaceable...Not the case as we seen a very talented Matthews come in here last year and the Bombers never missed a beat...The same thing will happen with Bowman should he decide to wander off...Mack will have a new guy touring the new stadium in a short amount of time...Marcellus better do some serious thinking .. As for Turner...He might heed the same advice :wink:

.....have to agree on Yenga....watch=out for this guy... :wink:

I don't think Bowman will necessarily be easy to replace. If there's any glitch in Mack and co. ability to bring in players, LB is one of those spots IMO. The struggled all last season at the SAM. And overall we saw how much the D struggled to start last year with a new SAM and Bowman injured. If we lose him to an NFL opportunity, so be it. But I'd hate to lose him to another CFL team 1. because he's a player I really enjoy on our D, and 2. I don't relish the idea of starting 2013 with Muamba being the only experienced starter at LB.

And best of luck to Vega. Count me in the a bit surprised list for this signing as I too thought his 2012 season was a bit of a step down from 2011. He had a few games this season where he really stood out, but then he also had a number where he was not noticeable at all IMO.