Jason Tucker

Just thought I should remind all fans Of the CFL, or any sports fans in general to make their way over to the EE web site to give their best wishes to Jason Tucker and his Family . Thanks Guys and Gals.

He is a great player. I hate the Eskimos more that any CFL team, however I always love watching Tucker play. He is a classy guy, (the opposite of a me-first, classless player like Nik Lewis). He is a fantastic player, truely amazing. I wish him the best in his recovery and I think that every CFL fan has him in their thoughts.

This is about Jason Tucker, not Nik Lewis.
Different players express their love and passion for the game in different ways. Some are quiet. Some are not.

Good luck and all the best in your recovery Jason.

No Karma here. Poor Tucker. Classy guy, great receiver and quietly played well on a horrible team the last two years. I hope he gets better soon and they walk him on the field for a standing ovation.

Do not worry guys that post about Lewis only make me laugh. And thats the reaction Nik loves. I will would be happy to see Jason back on his feet! Heck maybe he can make an appearance at the Labor day game so even Stamp fans can give him an ovation for his hard work and dedication not only to the eskimos but the CFL.

The latest on Jason:

29 July 2008

Tue, July 29, 2008
Esk thinks Tucker’s done
UPDATED: 2008-07-29 02:51:55 MST

Peterson doesn’t see his teammate returning to play in future


EDMONTON – Kamau Peterson isn’t trying to speak out of turn.

And the Edmonton Eskimos receiver doesn’t know what Jason Tucker is thinking right now.

But in his own mind, Peterson doubts Tucker will play football again.

After watching Tucker fracture two vertebrae in his neck Friday in a win over Hamilton at Ivor Wynne Stadium, Peterson believes this is the end of the line for No. 83’s playing career.

“I just don’t see him taking that risk (of playing again),” said Peterson.

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"I hate to speak out of turn. If I had to guess, if I was a betting man, I would say: ‘No, I doubt he would make that attempt (to play again).’ "

Roommates on the road and friends off the field, Peterson spoke to Tucker yesterday.

“He sounded upbeat, sounded like himself. He said he wasn’t in too much pain,” Peterson reported on the conversation.

“He said everything seemed to go well. He seemed optimistic about it.”

Tucker is still in Hamilton recovering from a four-hour neck surgery late Saturday night.

At last report, the seven-year Eskimo is waiting for a CT scan and the results to see if his vertebrae are aligned properly.

“If it is positive, then the next step is for him stand up and walk around a little bit and get him home,” said Edmonton head coach Danny Maciocia.

The hope is Tucker can come home by the end of this week.

A CFL all-star, the 32-year-old will not play again this year – if ever.

Tucker hasn’t spoken to the media since the injury.

However, Maciocia believes there isn’t anything left for the slotback to accomplish on the football field.

“I can tell you right now he is worried about being a husband and a father,” said the bench boss.

"I can guarantee you that.

"He knows he is a very lucky man, today. He is no fool.

"Jason has done it all.

"He had a tremendous career at TCU (Texas Christian University), he played in the NFL, he came to Edmonton and won a couple of Grey Cups.

"There is nothing else for him to do.

"If he chooses to come back and he is healthy enough that he can line up and play a couple of more years, so be it.

“But that is the furthest thing from his mind, I can guarantee you that.”

Tucker is a father of four girls.

This marks the second time in 13 months that the Eskimos have had a player suffer a serious neck injury.

Brandon Guillory had a spinal cord contusion last June in Calgary, damaging his C4 and C5 vertebrae.

Tucker fractured his C6 and C7 vertebrae in the collision with Tiger-Cats defensive back Jykine Bradley.

Guillory made a complete recovery, playing his first regular-season game since his injury in Hamilton four days ago.

While he hasn’t spoken to Tucker since the game, his message to the star player is simple.

“Just keep the faith (and) stay positive,” said Guillory.

“Don’t believe negative words.”

The Eskimos host the B.C. Lions Thursday night (8 p.m., TSN) at Commonwealth Stadium.

Thanks for posting the article. I am glad to hear updates on Tucker. Souds like there is reason for optimism. Let's hope he has the best recovery possible.

Wow I wasn't aware that it was broken vertebrae. That is scary stuff. He is extremely lucky. I doubt he would be able to make a return to football but he is lucky that he'll be able to walk and lead a normal life. It is sad to see such a devastating injury. If he is healthy enough in the future, it would be great to see him return. Good luck to him :thup:

If he can't play again I hope the Esks can find a place for him in the organization. He'd continue to be a great asset to the team.

We're cheering for you Jason!

Looks like he's been extremely inspirational tonight...the team's pulling it out for him and that's good to see. Even though it means my team loses.

Tucker is pure class. Get well soon.

Best wishes to Jason Tucker for a speedy recovery. One of the classiest guys in the CFL and one of the greatest receivers of the past decade as well. I hope he can come back.

Is it true that Guillory's first game back after a neck injury was the game in which Tucker was injured? That's weird.

Tucker is a great player and I don't doubt that he will return next season if he can. Maciocia was clearly right though: based on what Tucker said when they interviewed him at the game, he is only concerned about getting healthy for his family.

Best wishes to Jason for a speedy and complete recovery.

I like that he had the humor to make a joke about his 'stylish neck brace' when he came into the broadcast booth with Black and Forde last night. What a guy, what a positive attitude. I wish him all the best.