Jason Tucker

I wish you all the best and hope for a speedy recovery.

From a Ticats fan!

X2 From a Rider fan!!

From the Blackandgoldreport.ca
Get well soon GT.
I hate seeing any hurt like that

I’m sure he’d appreciate the well wishes. It’s a shame to lose him for the rest of the season, but we’ll have to make do.

Get better, Tucker.

by far the scariest thing i've seen.

I just want to let all you great Eskie fans know that Tucker is in one of the best hospitals in Southern Ontario. He will be well taken care of...

And great game, I think your guys were a little shaken up after the Tucker injury, but they found a way to bounce back. Looks like you guys have turned the corner.

We may have to wait for next year. :oops:

Get Well Tucker
ill miss your great catches for the rest of the season!

Speedy recovery man. You'll be back in great form next year. Never think negetive thoughts, think possitve and come back with vengeance. Your team will be waiting.

Speedy recovery Jason! Football fans of ALL teams will miss you!

What he said.... 8)