Jason Shivers

Not to throw him under the bus, but the secondary seems to be doing just fine without him. Is he really needed on the roster? I remember earlier in the season he wasn't doing so well and has improved, food for thought.

Two questions.

  1. Would Shivers be better that the weakest DB currently on the roster after his extended time off?

  2. Would bringing him back in, and shifting players (i.e. Tisdale) back to their previous positions disrupt the teamwork and confidence that the secondary has built up over the past few weeks?

I suspect that the answer to both of these questions is yes.

I think the decision depends on when he becomes available. If he is available this week or next, then I'd bring him onto the active roster in place of James, and have him start the game in place of Smith. If things don't work out, switch him back out. The problems with this are Tisdale would need to be ready to play both corner and half positions, and we'd lose James off special teams. But if he's not available until the playoffs, I would only bring him in if someone else is injured.

If you watched the game tonight the answer is Yes we need Shivers back and soon!


Shivers makes plays, Bo Smith just gets burned.End of discussion.Bye bye Bo, your time is up.