I have been an Eks fan for over 45years, and take the good with the bad. That said Wake Up Chris! time to make a change and replace our Head Coach. There is no discipline on our team, how could there be when you have the antics of Jason Mass. He was once a playing hero for us during that playoff run many years ago, thanks for that, you will always be an EE for life, but as a Head Coach he needs to go as soon as the season is over. Why oh why does he still have a job? What qualifications did he ever have to be a Head Coach in the CFL, QB coach yes but Head Coach?? Let’s stop this insanity and let him go, I would love to do it right now but that doesn’t make sense I guess until after the season. Without this immediate change there can be no positive movement forward for this Franchise that we the fans love. How many more fans have to give up season tickets or stop coming to games to makes this happen? Jason May be a good buddy in the clubhouse but not a good Head or Offensive Coach. If anyone can name one good quality about his coaching please enlighten me. I don’t hate you Jason but you are not CFL Head Coach material, do us a favour look deep into your soul and know you need to step down…you know you should… if not then Management needs to do it for you. Wishing you luck in your future Endeavours!!

Yes. He was fastracked way to Quikly into a HC.
Milanovich scooped him up quickly as the Argos QB coach for his buddy Ricky Ray for a Couple years.
Rick campbell scooped him up quickly as the Ottowa OC with Burris at QB. Where they put up a very good Offense.
After one year the esks made him a HC. He surely wasnt ready.
Idk how many years Maas has left on his contract or how things work under the new coaching cap.
But he surely will be a Hott Commodity for several teams to want to be an OC/QB coach.
Ottawa, Toronto, BC. Off the top of my head three teams not in the playoffs. 3 teams with defensive Head Coaches. Three teams inbDESPERATE need of an OC for a variety of reasons.

If Jason Maas is replaced the only thing for which the Eskimos will “contend” in 2020 is last place in the West.


Oh, and I’ve been an Eskimos’ fan for nearly sixty years.


As an Eskimo fan for almost 60 yrs. U know waay more than I do. But two subpar seasons.
Its usually the HC that goes in this modern era.
So idk wat the answer wuld be.
Unless they get to to GC.

This year the only way Maas saves his job is by winning the Grey Cup anything less won’t keep his job and if he does keep his job then Sunderland should go!

How many years does Maas have left on his contract after this season?

I don’t care.

What an absurd position. You are pinning your hopes of any success for the team on Maas now or perhaps you’ll feel like you want to burn down Commonwealth?

It’s business - go look for a winner so the team can have a better shot instead of setting for prolonged mediocrity.

We get it you really like him given the history.

How the hell is my position of wanting to know who’s available as a replacement “absurd”?


Be nice if there were better candidates waiting in the wings that could/would improve upon Jason Maas but nobody seems to know of any!


Just curious as these rules to the coaching salary cap are very unclear.