Jason Portuando's Blog on Sportsnet.ca

This guy, a broadcaster with Sportsnet, has a blog currently running on Sportsnet.ca that has to be read to believe.

Its entitled NFL The Only Thing This Time of Year.
In short its a slap in the face to Canadian sports fans, and especially CFL fans.

Hard to believe a guy like this with such ridiculous opinions is hired to work for a CAnadian sports channel.

Sportsnet doesn't broadcast any CFL games, or CIS games, it's not really a huge surprise to me.

TSN and CBC have all the television rights this year, and the score shows a lot of CIS ball, leaving sportsnet to cover their beloved Jays.

Now that I think of it, I don't think sportsnet shows any NFL games either...


Actually, Sportsnet will be showing NFL this year.

Here is the disgraceful link

[url=http://www2.sportsnet.ca/blogs/jason_portuondo/2007/09/04/nfl_and_everything_else/]http://www2.sportsnet.ca/blogs/jason_po ... hing_else/[/url]

This guy is not worthy a comment as he is a big time NFL lover and has nothing good to say about the CFL.

Obvious bias here if it is true that all they carry is NFL. I wouldn't put too much stock in his opinions as it's unlikely he gets much public attention anyway.

He's obviously trolling for readers. Don't oblige him.

Who really cares about Portuando? He is on a bogus sports network that cares about only baseball anyway. There is a reason why its called ROGERS sportsnet.

Great post on the Sportsnet website by the way Toronto is My Home.
And ain't it obvious the guy who calls himself SoulSurfer99 is really Portuando.
The guy is a joke.

Let's do the trickle down theory on this one:

This pantload writes a blog for sportsnet.ca..
Sportsnet is owned by Rogers..
Rogers owns the Blue Jays..
The president of the Blue Jays is Paul Godfrey..
Paul Godfrey has been previously identified on this forum by many, myself included, to be the Anti-Christ.

Is it any wonder why such a blog posting could be construed as poo poo'ing the CFL?

The guy is a troller big time and wannabe big shot, he just makes himself look very ignorant and not very bright. But I guess he got his wish of getting people to respond. I'm sure his bosses are happy with all the responses. And maybe he did the blog as a joke anyways to get responses, he could be a big CFL fan as well as NFL fan for all we know despite what he wrote, or didn't write. Who knows.

What is sad about this guys article Earl is that he is a sportscaster on a Canadian sports network. And this is his level of knowledge of this country?

Canadians sports like hockey and the CFL are always ridiculed and ignored by the American media.

But now we have these wannabees in our own media doing the same thing?

So if this guy is acting to get a response, it makes him a joke already. But I think thats how he really feels.

And whats scary, Hogtown is full of these guys. Even more scarier, they get hired to work as "national" broadcasters. When they know squat.

Heaven help us all.

I hear ya berezin. I think that's why I'm officially out of posting any longer on Sportsnet other than blogs, which I might drop out of soon as well. For some reason I'm associating the word "joke" on Sportsnet, I think it's a combination of their connected thing, the girls they hire which are pretty but I don't know, seem fluffy to me and their whole presentation. This recent joke of a blog sealed it for me, I'm outta there.

I just emailed Perry Lefko who does write about the CFL on the Sportsnet website.

I voiced my concerns about people like Portuando being allowed to go "national", when they have no idea of what this country is all about.

I also asked him to write a counter article to this article.

If he responds I'll post the email.

Good stuff.

Thank you, Berezin.

If I watch any sportschannels at all, its mostly TSN or theScore. Ever since sportsnet lost Jody Vance and Hazel Mae, the network has been dull. Even Martine Gaillard is invisible, but Im not sure if she has moved on as well.

I do watch some Sportsnet stuff like NHL and NFL and the odd MLB game here and there. But there is something weird and unprofessional about the station compared with TSN, can't put my finger on it totally. And it's not because they don't do CFL news, I do find that when they report on the CFL it is excellent. But something is missing with the station, I don't know exactly.

Ok, I found the right word, polish, it seems to lack polish.

They lack polish, professionalism and knowledge on sport.

The only good thing about the station is their coverage of the National Soccer Team. The rest of it reeks.

Well, I just removed the Sportsnet shortcut from my desktop, didn't think I'd do it but I did. Feels kinda good actually!

Me too.

You should send them an e-mail about it. Let them know their ignorance is costing them website hits.