I've seen both of these kids play on espnU...a great pass catcher with size and speed & an athletic hard hitting tackler in Jason Nedd...does anyone know if they will be in this years draft...and if so which round?

I believe both those guys will be eligible for the CFL 07 draft. Which round ??? - that depends on if and when they get picked.
I'd guess they will both be high CFL picks - Arthur probably 1st round and Nedd 2nd or 3rd at least. Their draft stock could rise or fall if they get selected to go to the CFL Combine (if they chose to show there). CFL draft thinkers often prefer US college ball trained guys; this doesn't seem like a draft year with a lot of those guys available (? - not sure though?); and neither of Arthur or Nedd seem highly rated by the NFL, so not that much risk probably for CFL teams to pick them = selected early in the CFL draft.

Yeah i def agree...Arthur had 730 yars and 45 grabs...but i think that Nedd might be up there in the 1st round too...he's the only NCAA DB in the draft this year and he had a pretty good season...41 tkls,4tkls for loss,a sack, a forced fumble and fumble recovery...their stats are on "Gozips.com"

Defensive back Tad Crawford, a native of Burlington, Ontario, is another possible first round choice in the 2007 CFL Canadian Draft. In his senior year at Columbia in NCAA Division 1AA in 2006, Crawford had 39 solo tackles and 62 assisted tackles for a total of 101 tackles, along with 1 interception and 1 quarterback sack.

Crawford has been a starter and top notch defender - leading the team in tackles, lead the league in tackles, 2 time Ivy League all-star, making INTs, etc. + returning punts - for a few seasons now; Nedd was just a starter in his final season at Akron; have a feeling both of these guys will be high CFL draft picks, but have hard to tell what CFL teams are thinking in a draft - always, IMO, lots of surprises or bizzareness; might come down to something like their 40 times or other testing numbers; both of these players may be very good CFL safety prospects (Crawford, at 6-3 and lots of play-making numbers in NCAA ball, in particular IMO) - (hint Desjardins).

If we have a few guys drafted last year coming to camp this year, maybe we can afford to take a gamble, and draft a couple of guys with NFL aspirations?

High risk-High reward