Jason Mess, Jason Miss, Jason Loss

What is the correct name of this loser?
Start Williams for the rest of the season, then perhaps, we will be ready to contend next year.

Joe Paopao.

Maas gave a fan in box I the finger in 2nd quarter. He is obviously feeling the pressure.

If that's true then he MUST go... no sense keeping him here if he can't respect the FANS of the JERSEY he's wearing and NOT producing for.... but I'd need proof of that before I'll believe it

Let him call his own plays before we ship him out. If he still can not perform doing that then ok. Does any one know the year he got 5,000 yards passing was he calling his own plays???

you really think any decent qb can survive in this garbage offence?
this problem with our oc's has been evident for at least 5 seasons now and this isn't a maas problem entirely.
sorry no easy fix here,

You cannot only blame Maas for the mess, as his o-line really has not really given him time to make plays, or give the running back lanes to run through.

Cats did not even have 2 plays designed to start the damn game. Unbelievable!!!!!!!

instead of maas, how bout forcing paopao ro quit, get an new o-lne, fire the o-line coach, and have a no-huddle shot gun offfense.

I agree, he just looks very uptight . This is not the Jason Maas that I have seen play in the past . I mean he is having trouble with an out pass .

I think he is thinking to much and just not performing the way we all know he can . I dont see many reads downfield and he simply just throws the outs . It has to be the offence , PAOPAO is just way to conservative for my liking .

On another note , when Eakin came into the game and was scrambling he was looking for an open reciever . Alas , nobody was open and from my vantage point they were practically jogging , nobody was working to get back to the ball or trying to get open . The long ball is the same , just no effort to get up and get the ball . Im sorry but it`s true they just do not want to work for the QBS .

give jason his old #12 back

I forgive him for that, for he was getting hundreds of fingers from the stands.

What ticks me off (yeah, I'm an Argo fan but a dumb one that picked the Cats to win tonight in my pools) is that at 2-8 going into the game tonight the starter is still Maas. It's not working, change it up, to do otherwise is to insult the fans that are still coming out.

Why NOT start Williams? He goes 8 for 11 (should have been 9 for 11 with TD thank-you very much KP) and yet isn't played in a blowout loss the following week. I missed most of the game, but if he wasn't injured than it's a crime he didn't play at all.

Well, he did tear up a prevent defence last week. That being said, anything was worth a shot.

Even with a terrible offensive scheme a starting Qb should be able to generate at least one touch down at home in 3 games. Maas is not executing at all.

normally i agree, but this offence is that bad.

I just spent 10 minutes writing a very careful response to this thread, but the login expired, I guess. Just like this season, what a waste of effort!

What I said, was, essentially, that Maas should be sat down for the next two games, to let Eakin and Williams try their hand at a simpler, more effective offensive scheme.

I sat in my usual seat in Box J, and could see the obvious pain in the faces of the players. Some of them are putting their hearts and soul into the struggle, and I, for one can find no reason to slag them.

Jason needs to recover his game, before he is destroyed. Once he has a chance to view two games from the sidelines, he should be given a new chance, calling his own plays, before, along with Paopao, he is sent packing.

Fire the Hawaiians. Retool the O/Line and rest M.ASS if he is injured. No Zip on the ball tonite at all from J.