Jason Maas

I cant figure out why his peers think he is so good as HC

He inherited a team that won the cup and promptly took it too 4th, then just up to 3rd, followed by 5th. This in spite of having Reilly and the best bunch of receivers over the last few years.

I myself have not been impressed with him at all. Is he really popular in Edmonton?

I totally agree with you
He has done nothing to help the eskimos


Saw something where the boundary slot coached by Maas has led the league in receptions or reception yards for the past 5 years. QB’s regularly leading the league in yards passed. Nothing to complain about there.

Maas needs to borrow one of O’Shea’s Teflon jackets where everything is on the coordinators.

Benevides gone, Macdermid gone and it’s not like Jones left anything behind when he jumped ship after the GC win.

Two best coaches in the CFL both play out of Alberta. Porky Campbell rounds out the top three.

The Eskimos’ problems the last couple of years emanated from Len Rhodes and the other head office types to whom the performance of the team on the field was not the be-all and end-all but was a secondary consideration.

There was a good post on Esksfans.com recently regarding Len Rhodes and how the “winning isn’t everything” quote was taken out of context by some and it snowballed into the defining issue related to Ed Hervey getting fired and all that is wrong with the Eskimos.

No doubt Rhodes brought some of it on himself but aside from that and as much as I hate saying it the Edmonton franchise has been a model of success and a tradition of excellence for a long time.

Even dealing with the Rhodes debacle they made a quick and decisive change in direction to move on from controversy. I thought at the time Rhodes probably agreed with the move and it was a mutual thing.

Either way they made it back to being about Eskimo football and made some big moves in the off season doing what they could to field a competitive team. Not even sure who replaced Rhodes and say what you will but he went out with guns a blazing in the big off season moves.

To pick a CFL flag ship franchise from over the years Edmonton is definitely in the conversation.

All that said, I detest them as I have for a good number of years and hope they never win another game, but that’s just me. I’m sure Esks fans won’t take it personally.

All that said, I detest them as I have for a good number of years and hope they never win another game, but that's just me. I'm sure Esks fans won't take it personally.
Personally I'm alright for sake of fandom.

Professionally I take issue with you making these sorts of comments on a team thread. Do you realize you are in the team thread and not the general forum?

You might not be aware of the forum rules on the matter.

You’ve made such a disparaging comment for the second time now in the team threads at least. This is not allowed on the forum in the team threads. The team threads exist for a reason.

Take these sorts of comments to the general room please, where they are fair game within of course the rest of the rules of the forum.

We’ll see you there as we all cheer on our teams of course.

You’ve gone out of your way to kill the last two football related discussion subjects.

I think if you reread my post you will see that I paid quite a tribute to a storied rival, not commonly done. You ignored that part completely nor chose to join in with your view of a fairly major course of action in the entire EE history.

But after saying all that in a public forum, I am allowed no slack for engaging in a friendly little bit of trash talk, no different than an Esks fan dissing the Bombers. I guess I should have used the smiley face.

Anyway… whatever. Report me to the moderator if you feel you must.

My true dream is to walk into one of the Sask mega sports retailer locations where they hang the Rider jerseys all over from the ceiling with a paint ball gun loaded with Blue and Gold. I could go to my grave peacefully with that image in my mind.

When your born into it, it is just life. It’s all good imo

I think you get the basic message on the team threads. YOU check with the moderators if you are in doubt. As for the rest of your schtick, to each his own.

I try to stick to the topic and enjoy the game and my team in the team threads, which is their purpose. Most of the rest belongs in the general rooms.

The moment that has me now with my axe being sharpened, perhaps hasty but just in case, was when on 3rd and 1 near midfield, he calls a running play out of the shotgun.

Dunigan was wall ahead of the case on the call and all over their case upon failure and rightly so. He saw it coming as easily as did the defence of Winnipeg to stuff.

Harris may as well have been holding on to the ball after the snap and counting to 5 Mississippi (don’t know the Canadian equivalent in touch football).

Then everybody comes to the sideline after the failure and there’s Mass giving them all an “attaboy, good effort, good effort” pat on the shoulders.

That was AMATEUR hour and this is pro football.

If you are going to go for it on 3rd and 1, you line up under centre and either power it through via the QB or do a quick fake and throw that you have practiced a whole lot.

As Dunigan mentioned before the play, it’s not as if Edmonton don’t have the largest line in the league!

Otherwise if not confident at midfield, well you just have to punt. Damn just call a fake punt and roll those odds instead of calling such a stupid, stupid play on 3rd and 1 out of the shotgun.

Figure it out fast, Maas.

The end of Maas is near!!!

My post below in late June turned out to be prophetic.

Good-bye please.

Who would you replace him with? Maybe Campbell from the RBs after he is canned at season’s end.
The Campbell legacy can continue in Edmonton.

Except get really high draft picks :wink:

Still not sure how he survived after the debacle of a season last year.

What bothers me most about Maas is his inability to control his emotions. I consider that a sign of weakness of character…not just for a football coach but for any mature adult. It’s sort of embarrassing at times. As for his actual coaching, I’m ok with it for the most part. At this point though, I don’t think that the on-field personnel he has to work with is capable of making him or any other coach look good. Just not enough talent around since Jones booked for Sask.

In his defence Jason Maas has a history of creating offensive powerhouses from whatever talent he has on hand. Plus he was an Eskimo (and a much loved Eskimo) in his playing days.


/Cues band to play “Hit the Road, Jack”

The problem is that I fear the Eskimos will be much worse without Maas as the head coach.


Gotta rebuild from somewhere and it’s never pretty