Jason Maas

....So the redblacks have denied the Bombers permission to talk to Maas...Not very prudent on their part...Denying a coach to advance will come back and bite them ....If they ever come calling I hope other teams slam the door in their face...AND if by chance Hervey is granted permission to talk to Jason, this will tell me how far this league has sunk into a b.s. quagmire ... :thdn: :thdn:

Sorry but how is moving to Winnipeg as OC a promotion from OC at Ottawa.
Edm is looking at him as HC

Because apparently Winnipeg was going to offer him OC plus Assistant Head Coach, thus making it a 'promotion', but it's all smoke and mirrors.

Got a link?

Can't be bothered to dig up a link but I had read that off a twitter link to an article in an Edmonton paper saying Maas' name was out there as a possible replacement for Jones but they thought he was too green. hmm, guess that's not punny. Serious on the article though, his name was out there.

...Bombers would have added the title asst. coach so it was NOT a lateral move... MJ is correct..This is just so much bull$hit out of Ottawa...This could lead to coaches seeking just one year terms, so they can call their own shots instead of having guys like Desjardins and Campbell dictating their future...AND they just announced today exactly what I thought...The losers in the Cup game will grant permission to Hervey to talk to Maas...This is just so much horse manure.. :thdn: :x

Hey hey, don't pick on the Redblacks. Poor guys have a bunch of FAs. Least we can do is give them a hand with their list by taking Justin Capicotti so they have less to worry about.

...I would like to take Capicotti off their hands aaand/ orrrrr drive up each and every one of their fa's so that Desjardins is looking for a place to hide,,,like a rat in a roundhouse..As far as picking on them....they shouldn't have peed off papa.. :wink:

You couldn't be more wrong. He just wasn't interested. If your Maas why, why, why would you leave Ottawa for Winnipeg for the same job. (please don't tell me that adding a fake title is a promotion, your the HC or your not).

Sure.... :lol:

…Oh come on for cripes sake hfxtc…I know you weren’t born yesterday…Maas would/could be sitting here with an asst. coach title waiting for the distinct possibility he could be the head coach here, considering the tenuous situation of the current one…AND who says Maas is going to be hired as head coach in Edm. (if that is why he said NO to an interview orrr was someone speaking for him)…AND even if Jason goes to EDM. and is head honcho there…a lot of players on their D will most likely follow Jones…Bombers would/could be just as good a destination when the dust settles…Not to at least be granting the Bombers an interview makes Maas/Redblacks look unprofessional…In any case…too many IF’S right now and the picture should be a lot clearer early next week… :roll:

As a little aside…how many coaches have been denied a shot at something better in the Mont. organization…not many as I recall…Maybe the Redblacks are just a mickey mouse organization…We’ll see how far they go next year, with an ageing qb. at the helm, who could be done in the blink of an eye, and possibly missing a talented OC :wink: Anyway I’m looking forward to fa and Ottawa has some nice looking free agents … We on the other hand don’t have any of our own to re-up and will be looking their way with a lot of cash… :wink: I think I’m going to really like Feb. 2016.

Its not a dig at Winnipeg. No team is going to pull guys out of OTTAWA. They have achieved a new level in how they treat their players and employees on and off the field, plus now they are winning and about to cash a nice GC bonus.

Assistant HC or not it's a lateral move. Ottawa was well within their rights to say no. If you want Maas, fire O'Shea and make him HC and OC. If not, move on to someone else for whom the OC job would be a clear promotion (like Jackson, for example).

...I guess your definition of a lateral move differs from mine...and a lot of other people...Don't talk nonsense. :lol:

Let's be realistic here. Bombers wanted Maas for the OC position because O'Shea wanted him. Not sure why O'shea is still there, but that is another story. Since Maas already held the position in Ottawa, the Bombers tried the trick of adding a fake title of Assistant Head Coach to OC and calling it a promotion. People responding to this thread did not fall for it. I would actually think worse of the Redblacks if they were dumb enough to fall for it.

While O'Shea as HC and Maas as OC will not happen in Winnipeg, I would not be surprised if in 2017 Maas is a HC somewhere and O'Shea is one of his assistants.

It's not a "trick", it's standard practice. If you want to pull a coach out of an existing job you have to make it an upgrade, lateral moves won't work. Adding the GM role to the title is exactly how the Riders managed to pull Chris Jones out of Edmonton. If it was just HC it would have been a lateral move, even if more money was involved, and wouldn't have gotten the job done. It's exactly the same way Barker pulled Jones out of Calgary to Toronto a few years ago as well.

It could be just as likely that Maas said he wasn't interested so Desjardins said no for him as it was Desjardins denying permission on his own. Not everyone is a Chris Jones and Maas might be happy to stick with the guys he's worked with and had tremendous success over the last year than jumping ship days after a big championship celebration. Curious if he jumps a the Edmonton HC job as is rumored is going to be offered him.

I know it's very hard to take off your homer goggles, but do try. The assistant HC thing is a charade to get around the lateral movement clause. In point of fact, Maas would be the OC. Maybe he'd get a pay bump as AHC but Winnipeg would clearly be doing it just to get permission to talk to him.

In any case, it's all moot. Ottawa said no, so you have to find someone else. Jackson, Steve McAdoo, and Khari Jones would seem to be the frontrunners. Then there are guys like Dan Dorazio and Paul LaPolice who could merit consideration.

...First of all no one will ever know what the Bombers had offered/ planned for Maas...because they couldn't utter a word...No permission granted...People are just guessing and that would include myself...Word out of Edmonton is that Orlando Steinhauer in Ham. was approached and he also rejected an interview, telling me that Maas was not their first choice or even being considered...To refuse to talk to any team about a promotion of any kind is a mistake ( I disagree with your take on promotion discipline) and tells me that he is only willing to make the jump from co-ordinator to head coach....Well I wish him luck...We have witnessed first hand what happens in that scenario... So good luck to Maas in his endeavours...IF he doesn't make head coach in Edm..??? good luck with future interviews.

...Further to your suggestion about Lapolice...He is/was considered the front runner in any event but not a shoe in...It would have been at least professional looking to have been able to talk to Maas.

Chris Jones has refused interviews in the past, seems he made out ok. Anyway there are plenty of coordinators looking for work right now. Should not be a problem.

....So you're putting Maas in the same category as Jones... :lol: :lol: get a grip.

Not the smartest move by a GM, this won't do anything but leave a bad taste in Maas's mouth. Good luck getting him to re-up when his contract is done.