Jason Maas?

Jason Maas? How long can this qb float along as a CFL qb after his performance in Hamilton and Monteal?? He clearly could not throw a deep ball while in the Hammer, how far will being Ray,s buddy take him?

The only year Maas was a healthy starter, he passed for over 5,000 yards. Only a QB as good as Ricky Ray would keep Maas on the bench as a backup. But he's been a great backup, without him coming off the bench the Eskimos wouldn't have made it to the 2005 Grey Cup game.

He was hurt in Hamilton and let's face it, since Danny Mac left, Hamilton is a QB graveyard.

Best back up qb in the league, imo.

Speaking for myself as an Esks fan, I'd have no apprehensions seeing him come off the bench to relieve Ray, if required. In 2004 he broke a CFL record with IIRC 22 consecutive pass completions in a game, so I don't worry about his throwing ability (unless he's banged up as he was in Hamilton due to poor protection).

As a fellow Eskimo fan and season ticket holder I would have no problem if Maas was our starting QB

I am a big Jason Maas fan.

I know he played like junk in Hamilton but not going for surgery and rushing back to play after surgery in his second year was a death curse.

If you look at his stats for the first 6 games in his first year with Hamilton, he was always around 300 yards.

Personally, I think he got a raw deal in Hamilton. Going through 3 coaches in less than a year (Marshall, Lancaster, Taffe) and a constant rotation of players, it's no wonder the team didn't succeed and he was quickly shown the door.

I don't know if he's able to start but he's a good back up. I think he has lost some confidence with the Ham/Mtl disaster but he's one of the top back ups and has proven that he can win.

Well said. I think he moved into a bad situation in going to Hamilton when he did(right at the time they were starting to implode)
I have always thought mass to be fairly consistant,and with the right team and offence,could do very well. As far as back ups go,he’s probaly the best in the league right now and proven more then some projected starters out there.