Jason Maas

"After Ray went down, Jason Maas came in his stead and quickly had an impact, hitting receiver Fred Stamps on a 51-yard long bomb for a major and a 24-2 Eskimos lead....
Maas was rock solid for the Eskimos in relief, completing 16 of 19 passes for 256 yards before coming out at the end of the third."

because he is fully healed and has no pressure on him. I could do that too if only I was in better shape.

Same reason why Williams looked so good last year. He came in off the bench, with no pressure.

Just when you thought you’d seen the last “Jason Maas” thread on ticats.ca, along comes this offering (probably from a bitter family member).

IMO healthy is a lot more important. He came off the bench in Edmonton during the Grey Cup run with the game on the line and delivered.

No QB can carry a team on his back alone.

I honestly feel that it was a combination of an injury and the team around him that made Maas look so pathetic in Hamilton. Obviously the cats are a better team now. And watching the one pre-season game he played 3 quarters in, Maas did look pretty solid this year.

[quote="Tiger_Dirt"]because he is fully healed and has no pressure on him. I could do that too if only I was in better shape.

Jason Maas is a solid backup and hes playing where he feels most comfortable . Coming in off the bench when you dont expect to be put in is not easy . Hes proven he can come in when thier IS pressure and lead a team to the Grey Cup !!!

It was in a meaningless pre season game where his team played almost all their starters against a team playing almost entirely backups, it’s not a good measuring stick at all.

He's a backup QB, it's his thing.

I agree with the posters that any qb can look good with the right circumstances. Fans, the qb is not robot, he will have good and bad games and will also get hurt. He's only 1 person, not the team. The qb can be the difference maker in a game, but damnit he has to have a supporting cast. You can't blame the qb for everything that goes wrong on the field. That's why its a team sport, but fans seem to thing the game starts and ends witht the qb, and that is not true.....

Jason tweaked his arm before
hitting town in Hamilton

In Training Camp he fretted and
fussed trying to work it into shape

so it would get live enough to throw
hard accurate passes and long bombs

so he could justify being one of
the top paid # 1 QBs in the CFL.

This went on and on through out
the early part of the season.

IMO, it was all too much
for him emotionally,

but what do I know.

He played well, in a preseason game, big deal!!! In the regular season he was lousy for us. Thats why hes not here anymore!!!

Look, he had his shot here. Regardless of whether he does well somewhere else, the fit for whatever reason, was not good for him here. It wasn't a mistake to let him go. It's a better situation for everyone involved. Don't lose any sleep over him having a good game in the preseason. Our Timmy Chang was crowned as the "future" because he lit it up in preseason last year. You know the rest.

I also agree that one player can't make a team. Had Jason been healthy and had better receivers and a better coordinator things may have been different. We've seen how football takes a whole team here. Casey is doing everything he can and still isn't having the 400 yard games he was having in BC. And that's ok, because it's a different team and they will have to grow together. Jason may have been treated harshly by this forum, he may be a better qb than he looked here, but for whatever reason he wasn't the answer for us. I thought we had moved on.

Yeah, but wouldn't a robot qb be AWESOME!? :smiley:

yeah JM struggled for those years away from Edmonton. Although I wasn't a HUGE Maas fan here in Edmonton, I'm glad that he is able to enjoy the game again and be successful on the field. I think he worked his butt off to win with the Ticats but it just didn't work out. I'd hope you could be glad for a struggling athlete that has recovered from a slump, even if it is with another team.

As another example: I have to say, Woodcock was pretty useless for his couple years in Edmonton, but it sure is awesome to see the way he's playing now in Hamilton. Sometimes a change of scenery...

Once again, the right people/situation can bring out the best in a person/player.

I wish only the best for Jason.

I liked Mass. There was also the fact that his family was so far away while he 'tried' things out in Hamilton.

Too many things going on at once and some of them were pressures someone trying to make a name as a starter just don't need. Not to make excuses, but we all have dreams so it's hard seeing peoples dreams fall apart.

And yes sandmanfan, Woodcock looks great in Hamilton. :slight_smile: