Jason Maas

What ever happens to Jason Maas, best of luck.

This guy was so easy to cheer for.

The ultimate team player, he always did and said the right things when you'd see or hear him interviewed. I really wished he could have had success here, and I hope he can find his groove wherever he ends up, even if it's here as a back up.

Can you imagine him going to Montreal and succeeding in the wake of the injured and aging Calvillo? It'd kill me!

I still like him, I remember the day I heard the news that his trade to hamilton was offical I went out and had my Jersey made..and I won't ever change it.

He just never fit here, he was never able to muster any consistant offensive showing, and far as I am concerned it wasn't only his fault. I believe that for the organization to improve they need to cut ties with Maas, instead of having a vet backup start a heavy building phase on young up and coming QB's

We have Williams and Chang..and they can build into someting great

For sure Captain. Without the injuries he has had, I think he could have been "da man" and been a vocal leader to boot.

He seems like a good guy, but he couldn't win for us.

He will land on his feet. I hope we can trade him for another starter.

Yah! i wish he would doen good! he has more heart then ANY Player! and is tottaly balls to the walls player! when ever did you see him try to slide? rarly ALWAYS head down trying to get every extra inch he possibly could! for the first down or run to a sideline in fear of getting hit!? not often! Unlike some QB'S cough bishop
I wish he was a decent WR as well. Certanly not afraid to take a licking!

Well said CaptainKirk.

Jason Maas is a classy guy, a real team player and a strong competitor. If his days in Hamilton are short, then let's all thank him for his hard work and his positive attitude, and wish him the best of success wherever his career takes him.

Yep. Thanks Jason. Your tenure here as the starting QB and leader has been a 25 game span that Tiger-Cat fans will never forget.