Jason Maas

Hey everyone, Eskies look great but I have something to say about Maas. Since the first game I saw him play, I wasn’t a very big fan but now with all the heart and desire to contribute to the Esks organisation he has won me over. He’s a great guy and a team player like he stated in that interview after he didn’t talk to the media following the game against ottawa or winnipeg (i don’t remember anymore) but I don’t know. I think he deserves better than sitting on the bench doing nothing as a back up. Well, I know he does more than just sit on a bench but I mean hes very capable of starting as a QB in this league. He did put up numbers that were equivalent to Warren Moons, right?? I’m not saying we should trade him or anything NO WAY haha, it’s a blessing to be able to have those 2 guys in town, even Johnson! But for Jason and his career as a QB in the CFL don’t you think it would be better for him to go elsewhere? I know he has said he loves it in Edmonton but still. What do you guys think? I’d be pissed off if some other guy walked into town and took my job and my team away… for the second time especially after a season like he had last year. We may have gone 9-9 but those numbers were impressive since he di it with an O-line that wasn’t the greatest. I still love Ray but Maas I think is VERYpatient guy. I’m just happy were not in a situation like BC and greatful that Maas wants to stick around.

And also I’d like to see a little bit more of Johnson all over again. I like the guy.

Ditto except I think we should trade him to Toronto or Hamilton

nope Maas is a great QB and we should keep him, i hate to see him sit though…he’s a great QB. Johnson is good too, but QB is a rhythmic position, we need to keep Ray as designated starter…maybe Maas and JJ can come in a sweep up duty

It's a good, but tough situation to be in. Ray is awesome (and only 25!), but everyone was impressed with the great season (statistically) that Maas had last year. And even Johnson is too good to be a third-stringer for too many more seasons.

The Esks haven't had this much depth at QB since that year we had Matt Dunigan, Damon Allen, and Tracy Ham! :shock:

At any rate, I'm glad we can discuss this problem, and not have a bunch of second-string QBs to pick from like Winnipeg has right now. :lol:

IMO, we should keep 2 and give the other a chance to have a better career than they would have here being 2nd or 3rd string

The thing is, if either Ray or Maas got hurt for an extended period of time we'd be really glad we have both of them.

But it does seem like a waste having Maas on the bench, and I'm sure his shoulder is 100% by now.

This is a good problem. Lol, because I do like Ricky Ray more then Jason Maas. He's better than Jason under pressure, and when Jason Maas struggles, he throws picks, and gets frustrated. But if Ricky goes down, Jason Maas is a very very good backup. And we would still win games. He does deserve better though, but I do hope he stays an Eskie behind Ricky.

I think this could potentially be Maas last season as an Esk. He is a proven starter in this league. Right now there are a couple teams that could really use him and if he doesn't get dealt this year I think he will be asking to be moved in the off-season. Does anyone remember if his contract is up at the end of this season, is next year an option year or does he become a free agent?

i think maas will eventually go in becuase i'm starting to see a decline in rays performance. i personlly thought he played brutal against montreal

You honestly think Ray played bad against Montreal last week?

Do you remember Jason Maas' first game in Montreal last year?


Actually, I just had a thought - is it possible that Maas will get to play against the Bombers Friday?

too good to be on the bench so This is what I predict.
He will be traded to either Winnpeg or any Eastern team ONLY if the Esks lose a key guy eleswhere,
Watch the trade rumors heat up if a team loses a starting QB , Montrel , Toronto, or even Ottawa. Then there is Hamilton and Winnipeg who already need him...just have to find someone on their roster that Edmoton could use and the Esks are two games in without any season ending injurys with a 2-0 record. So the bait is set and I hope for the good of the League and for Jason that he gets a bite soon.

The Esks need a running back. Anyone think this trade would fly? Jason Maas for Troy Davis.

As for Ray's play declining, don't you think that is a little premature? Wouldn't you say that Montreal's pass rush is the responsibility of the OL? Another thing, if a ball hits the reciever in the hands and he drops it does that mean that we need another QB? Just a couple thoughts pertinent to last weeks game.

edm would need to give up more than maas for davis even though i have never been a davis fan.

I'm not convinced. I think a bona fide starting QB in his prime should command a high price.

well i guess ur right about ray. but i'm a maas fan so i just don't want him to leave and he should get good playing time, its just that DM is to stubourn to give maas a chance since they paid ray 460K a year. but meh i just go out to games and hope we win so GO ESKS GO

first of all, if Maas had outperformed Ray in preseason, he wouldve started...DM already said that

i dont think Maas is leaving, but a Troy Davis trade isnt that unlikely, considering they have Lumsden, who isnt in starting 3 RBs for Seatle yet

If Maas is traded, the Esks need to get more than just a running back like Davis for him. First off, Joseph and McClendon could be keepers in their own right, and Maas is too good a quarterback to just trade off for one player at another position.

The reason I say that is because in the CFL the quarterback is the most important position on the team. If you disagree, just name one Grey Cup championship team in recent memory that didn't have a premier quarterback (well, Marcus Crandell for Calgary in 2001, but freak things happen once in a blue moon).

If the Esks trade Maas for a top talent player, I think that player should be Canadian to fill a non-import starter spot. After all, filling a team with premier Canadian talent is another must for a CFL team to succeed.

i think a good player of any position, and a solid young o-lineman

I think it's criminal that Jason Maas is a backup in Edmonton when he passed for over 5000 yards last year and some other CFL teams are struggling just to find a starting QB. Maas should be starting on another CFL team. I'm sure Hamilton or Winnipeg would love to have him.

i don't mind maas and i would not mind having him at all although i do find the qb situation in wpg intriguing. kind of like a horror flick... who will be killed off next. the suspense is too much. honestly though, i would be happy to see wynn get some starts and if he doesn't do anything i would like maas. all we have for trade is qbs and kickers. you need neither so unless we get a multi team trade going it ain't gonna happen!