Oh why not. I thought I'd start my own thread on this topic... almost everybody else has this year. I was feeling left out. :smiley:

Mods: I won't feel insulted if you delete this. I'm trying desperately NOT to do any work.

Nobody has started a new Richie Williams or Kevin Eakin thread tonight. Why not YOU, the reader?

Any NFL cuts to bring in?

Mods please merge these threads.

No..I am Sorry, Mark.

Forgive me, whenever a situation seems to be hopeless,
I should remember to say these three simple Spanish words:

Ya no mas! "I've had enough!"

and bow out gracefully from this thread.

Sorry, Mark.

Detroit Lions.

Not any specific player; the whole team.

Ron has cheerfully contributed the 'I'm not going to participate anymore' theme.

Thanks, Ron. :smiley:

Who else has something to contribute?

Okay- enough of this foolishness of mine. :oops:
Of course, I don’t mind if the rest of you are foolish enough to continue it.
Back to work for me.