Jason Maas wasn't the guy who....

  1. Dropped numerous passes throughout the night. (That was our receivers.)

  2. Dropped two interceptions that were so easy my 7-year-old cousin could have had them and blew two coverages so bad they might as well have walked the ball into the endzone for the Als offence each time. (That was our pathetic secondary.)

  3. Took way too many penalties for the third straight game. (That was our entire team.)

  4. Consistenly failed to pick up the blitz and provided less than two seconds for their QB to throw the ball on 2nd down. (That was our offensive line who seem to be getting better but have yet to gel.)

  5. Couldn't put any pressure on Calvillo, allowing him to sit in the pocket for what seemed like forever and pick the defence apart. (Most notably the Desriveaux TD)

However, Jason Maas is the guy who threw a terrible INT in the end zone and missed numerous open receivers all night (some of which were brought up by the TSN panel....most notably Jo Jo Walker wide open 20 yards down the field when Maas ran for a 3-yard first down).

All I'm trying to say to the Maas haters (and there are MANY of you) is pulling him (or cutting him) is not going to eliminate all of the other problems this team has.

Will it eliminate some problems at the QB position? Sure....but they'll be replaced by many other problems Chang brings to the table as a rookie with no experience.

That's great that Chang hit a 71-yard bomb for a TD....but he also threw 6 or 7 straight incompletions to end the game. (Finishing 4-for-11 = brutal.)

"Timmy went in and hit the big ball but I didn't think he exactly set the world on fire where you go and change your quarterback," Taaffe said.

Taaffe knows that throwing Chang to the wolves right now by making him the starter is not the right decision. Why kill his confidence? Get him some more reps and develop him like the hot prospect that he is.

"I'm trying to play Timmy to get him work, get him ready. We'll see how it plays out. But I thought Jason Maas competed tonight and did a lot of good things in the game."

Anyone that can't understand this simply doesn't understand football. When Taaffe feels he's ready, Chang will start. Until then, please shut it.

Some very good points.

Great post!

I agree.

I was surprised when Maas got pulled because he seemed to be having a decent night.

Penalties, endless penalties, seem to be biggest problem with the team.

It will be interesting to see what adjustments are made for the BC game.

You have to wonder how many times you can pull Jason Maas from a game and still expect him to start in the next one with confidence.

Hopefully it will have a positive effect.

These fans, I tell you. Maas' int was devastating and came at a critical point in the game.

if tehre was ever a game to START chang, it was last nite, against an 0-2 team.

NOT next week against a 3-0 team.

all we'll hear is INT, INT, INT, INT, INT.

No you shut it. Taafe hasn't a clue. If he wants to develop his confidence he need only ride him until he comes along like he's doing with that comeplete joke of a quarterback Jason Maas. I cannot attend another game until Maas is cut.

Well thats the best news ive heard all seaosn ticatgrr8 . You claim to know more than a coach who has been in the bloody business for a very long time and was very successful with Montreal . So please dont tell me that he hasnt a clue .

AMG made some great posts and if you cant agree with the facts then your wearing blinders . A couple of those dropped ints. should of led to them running in the endzone with the ball and then Maas wouldnt of had to play catch up like he usually has to do .

For to bloody long now in Hamilton the blame has always been on the QB . Football is a team game and alot of times the blame in Hamilton has been on one position . Well alot of things that happen on defence and special teams especially last night, affected field position and points that were taken of the board . Maas can be the guy to lead them if they ALL smarten up and play as s team not individuals who only think of themselves and taking cheap shots !!!!

AMG had made a very clear and accurate assesment for what went wrong with this team last night.

Tgrr8, you are right that this team stinks. To shit all over AMG for getting to the real reasons is a shallow thing to do. Did Maas make mistakes? Yes. Critical ones? Yes. Calvillo made the same mistakes but our secondary didn't respond. I don't see why you have to shit on people who make sound assesments as to why we suck when we're all in agreement that we suck and need to get better.

Maas didn't play HORRIBLE but he didn't do anything spectacular either. When Chang came into the game the offence had some energy and the fans were on their feet. Maas is boring and for a veteran makes too many mistakes.

That's why I've missed your posts, AMG. That was a very unbiased and accurate assessment. I think Maas played well. He looked much more like the Maas we saw in Edmonton and one of our majore problems (again) was the timing and number of penalties we took. We still have a long way to go, but for once we looked like we have some winning potential.

I like Chang and it's clear he's got energy and has a cannon for an arm, but I agree with Taaffe that throwing him in there to start now could be horrible for his career. I think bringing him along is the way to go and I trust Taaffe's judgement.

Taaffe doesn't have a clue?

If he doesn't, then who does? You?

I cannot attend another game until Maas is cut.
When have you been at one???

Or a practice??

Charlie’s clueless??? Hello pot…it’s the kettle.

jason did good. timmy did good, bad news bears for charlie and what he has to do lol

[quote="borehamgirl"] I think Maas played well.[quote]

I thught he played very well.

What would have his numbers been if those balls weren't dropped. They would have been great, no doubt.

You left out Mass is the guy who fumbled a perfect snap in the end zone. No doubt Mass has not had a great deal of support but it is clear he not performing like an experienced QB. Mass has always played on a solid team in Edmonton but it is beginning to look like this guy buckles under the pressure of a rebuilding team here in Hamilton. I say let him do what he does best and that’s come off the bench.