Jason Maas vs. Casey Printers

Although both had truly forgetable experiences in their time as starting QB for the 'cats, if you had to choose who would you rather have?

Two more choices should be added to the poll. Most Ticat fans would vote for none of the above. Personally, I would vote for Peter Griffin. He is not as mobile but scores higher on the intellectual scale. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Printers. No doubt in my mind that he is going to come back to hurt the Cats... maybe even as an Argo.

What's thwe point in this?

I'd rather forget that the years they played here even existed. It's like having a poll Rosenbach vs. Don Mcpherson, and sadly both those qb's performed better and won more games than Printers and Mass

intially I thought Printers but now that I think off it , Printers wasn't 100% the fault of every offensive play gone wrong but at the same time Quinton Porter came in with pretty much the same personal and produced. I'd rate them about equal but Printers was more of a disapointment.

Rosenbach won one game (max. two) and was gone by Labour Day.

Personally, i think that Printers was a bigger let down than mass, but even with the let down Printers was still a better player, athlete and was able to make more out of situations (with his legs, just not the arm)

The Mighty Casey was the highest price let down in TiCat history, even greater then the great Ronny Knox. :roll:

Would I rather cut off my left testy or my right testy....?
Tough call.
How about neither?
I will say Printers was the bigger disappointment because I didn't expect Maas to be any good....

In the end, Maas ended up as a back up in Edmonton, Casey is sitting in Texas somewhere thinking that someone in the NFL may give him a shot.

Statswise, Maas was the better player. His stats are comparable to Richie Williams, and we all know how much we are in love with RW.

Printers was constantly hurt, didn't have any desire to play and a locker room distraction. Maas was hurt but he wanted to be out there. He didn't cause a stir in the dressing room and in his first season, the Cats were actually close in a lot of the games in the first half of the season.

Maas was a bad trade in the end because he didn't produce. Printers was just an overpaid, overhyped player who forgot how to throw and hold onto the ball.

hey pat lynch, your comments about jason v. casey were typical of someone who has a very low intellectual level as it is-does that make you lois griffin? we're talking about 2 men-professionals who probably,most guaranteed followed through with their education a hell of alot further than you did. this was a ridiculous, assinine comment regarding two guys who you probably would've shook their hand and woulda done anything just to get noticed by them at a function. that's what people call 2-faced.let's see-university of oregon and tcu...compared to...? i thought so.stupid-neanderthal comments, to say the least.please be productive next time 'round.


And your post I guess is "intellectual and productive"? yikes. I don't know "the old guy in section 7" but he deserves a little more respect than you just gave him. Nice waste of a first post though. Hope the second one, if it ever happens, is a little more insightful and not nearly as rude. Try and spell asinine correctly next time so you don't look like an ass....

Perhaps Pat regrets making the remarks he did about intellectual comparisons. He is one of the most respected posters here, so he gets the benefit of the doubt from me on that one. He doesn't deserve the treatment you dished out to him.

You said:

This is a sentence?

spelling? Assinine? woulda?
grammar? two guys you probably would've shook their hand?

Given the way you responded, maybe you shouldn't be so quick to criticize Pat on the intellectual front....

hey dykstra, if that's all you got is a spelling mistake...continue on just bein a league puppet and don't worry 'bout it. it was a neanderthal comment and you know it, its stuff 5 yr olds say.to question a professional athlete's intellect when the poster knows damn well the players in question probably have achieved a fairly high level of education at a mainstream u.s university? he/she, i don't know cuz pat is a bi-gender name, uses this forum to vent on the star qb because he went home frustrated due to the fact that he/she just wasted another night at the old ball park watching his team crap the bed.hey, be frustrated with mgmnt and don't always hang it on the guy that took the responsibility of every loss on his shoulders(maas, not so much printers),blame the team. if you are a well respected fan who's been there for 100 years then act like one,don't say s#@t like that. dykstra, you can go back to posting on the riders site about other "serious" matters like tellin people not to post about tillman's recent plight. out.


Your lack of paragraph structure, sentence structure, and capitalization is certainly intimidating, "stewy". I'm taking you quite seriously. You are a formidable opponent.

Back to the issue:

These poll options make me want to throw up.

not sure why maas is so disliked?

Because he was awful? Not sure how much more obvious it could be.

Don't get me wrong: he wasn't a bad person... but his on-field antics made me want to tear my hair out.

Relax, will ya.

Did you not see the smliey face?

It was just a joke. He was only kidding around.

I would have started Maas. He had a better attitude.