Jason Maas - Trade Possible

I don't think Maas will be going anywhere, and that Mac Boy has somehow lrean PE passwoad ans take over his account on here.

Hamilton would be stupid to trade Maas. Maas used to start in Edmonton before Ray, and after Ray; he did just fine.

The guy certainly has more talent then Crandell.

"Hamilton would be stupid to trade Maas"....hmmmmmm You might be on to something there. Hamilton does have a track record of making some rather stupid moves it seems.

Note the link.....definitely not Mcmanish.

My dad knows the Alouettes' equipment manager, Ronnie James, and they were talking about the Als, and my dad was telling him how at the stadium, when Calvillo was struggling in the ealry going of the season, everyone in our section was chanting "Nealon Greene" and Ronnie said , "No, no, they should be chanting, Markus Brady" Seems that he understands the Als Offence a little more. I hope to see him put in instead of Greene in the near future.

Marus will never make it to number 2 as long as the head of the Nealon Greene fan club is their head coach.

prove it! cuz I've got the holy water ready!

If there is such a club, I would think they might start looking for a new leader, given that their current leader, Don Matthews, has the power to start Nealon yet chooses not to.

I Agree.. Although I dont consider Crandle to be a bum.

I think Hamilton needs to secure a great O-Line. Maas is a good QB. He just needs to get some time in the pocket. If he had more time he'd be more confident, If he was more confident, his team would be more confident and confident in him. Confidence in your team mates = Unity. Team Unity wins ball games!

Maas WILL NOT be traded to any other team in the CFL to become a backup qb once again, unless that team is the Eskimos. He still has his home in Sherwood Park(just outside of Edmonton), and his family is still living there as we speak. He loves the city, and his wife just opened up a floral shop here just a year ago. It's basically he'll keep trying to be a starting qb for a team, or he'll give up that dream and backup Ray for the rest of his career. IMO only these three situations are possible...

  1. Maas stays with ticats.
  2. Maas is traded to another team as a FULL TIME STARTER.
  3. Maas is traded back to the Eskimos as a BACK UP QB.

Nobody is taking him on as a starter. Everybody has a proven, good starter except for the TiCats... he could only be #2 elsewhere.
As far as what would be an acceptable trade, as an emmisary of the Calgary Stampeders, I'm here to offer you an entire bootleg DVD of Jeremaine Copeland signature dance moves.

This is insane. This guy outplayed Ray all of last season and saved his butt at least 3 times that I remember and now he's shiat?


Seriously guys it is not so much Maas being a bad QB but more to do with the guys he is throwing too and the offense that is being deployed there.

....Jason looks lost without Ricky and vice-versa....and after witnessing the looks he was getting from Lancaster.. on the sidelines last game....if i were Maas , the only place i would like to see anymore of Hamilton ..would be in the rear-view mirror of my car.... 8)

Ottawa will need a QB. I just don't know what Hamilton could get out of him playing there.

Well guys at the airport I sat next to this guy! He explained to me he was an offical with the League office and he had on good authority that Maas will go to the Bombers in exchange for Glenn! As he got up he said his name was Mcmann! So who knows!

...that sounds like it could be a 'dumbo drop' to me....McMahons story i mean...not Maas for Glenn.... :roll:

I agree my cats have alot of problems maas included, but even when maas is givent the opportunity to bomb it out, he cant make it.

Hes even admitted he's having problems hitting people long, and now after the last couple he's having problems hitting people at any distance.

I dont care how much Darren Flutie wants to blame the receivers...these guys are gettting frustrated that Maas isnt making these throws.

And I dont know about a 'legacy of mediocrity' the reason the last 10-25 years as a Ticat fan have been so hard is because we all remember how GREAT and exciting the cats used to be throughout the 60s 70s even 80s. I have never been so disgusted at the product on the field as I have been the last 3 weeks

Welcome to the Riders world! Now seriously we all have seen Maas perform. Early in the season we all knew it would take time for him to get use to a new offensive scheme and get use to his receivers. Then the brilliant wonder fires the coach what after six games, gets reid of Yeast and it has been down hill from there. The problem is expectations for this team in the preseason were huge! So now guess what they have to start over! Tiger cat fans must stick with the team until. They get a good coach in there with a good staff, get faster receivers sorry not one on this team should be playing any more because they are the biggest under achievers ever to put a football uniform on. Success starts at the top and works down. Not bottom to top. As third would say that is like put the cart before the horse! :lol: