Jason Maas the new OC

Not official but seems to be reported widely enough that it's just a matter of making the announcement.

OTTAWA - If the next Ottawa RedBlacks offensive co-ordinator doesn't like the way things are going next season, maybe he can add himself to the roster to throw some passes.

As early as Monday, the Sun has learned the RedBlacks will announce that former CFL quarterback Jason Maas will be their offensive co-ordinator, replacing Mike Gibson, who was fired soon after the CFL regular season ended.

At 39 and with a November birthday, Maas is five months younger than starting RedBlacks signal-caller Henry Burris.

Maas, who was the receivers coach with the Toronto Argos this season (he was the QB coach prior to that), played 11 seasons in the CFL - mostly with the Edmonton Eskimos, but he also spent time in Hamilton and Montreal.

It's believed among the candidates the RedBlacks talked to were former Winnipeg Blue Bombers coach Paul LaPolice and Saskatchewan Roughriders special teams co-ordinator (and former offensive co-ordinator) Bob Dyce. RedBlacks QB coach Marcus Crandell was an internal candidate who may also have been in the mix. LaPolice, a TSN analyst, may be in the mix to join the B.C. Lions as their new coach.

Another Argo's coach gets sucked up. Not as bad as losing one of the top DC and ST co. in the same year. Milanovich was smart enough to bring Brady with him from Montreal when he got the Argo's job. Trestman and Popp at the time made a big mistake by not elevating him to OC as soon as Milanovich left instead of Trestman going back to being OC and HC. Montreal and AC would not have had the problems they had transitioning into a new HC as Brady knew the system very well and AC and the rest of the offense were baffled by the Hawkins system.

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