Jason Maas should have been EJECTED

and fined a substantial amount, to boot . . .

worst temper tantrum I’ve seen from a head coach in many years . . . . since halcyon days of Adam Rita, Cal Murphy, Don Matthews, Mike Kelly

But Maas is a particularly vile individual - looking for trouble - last year he refused to don microphones for TSN production, only coach to do so

Now this!

He knew there were no real consequences for losing his mind and tossing around the headset like yesterday’s garbage. . . . . only a meaningless 10 yd penalty - meaningless cuz only 5 killable seconds left on the clock!

Toss him out, fine him $1500 plus half his game cheque and he’ll be a bit more discreet the next time he choses to blow up . …

He is not alone in temper tantrums from coaches that need to be stemmed. It has gotten ridiculous the past few years. Losing it a bit every now ant then...ok...there are a few of these guys that it is continual and it needs to be hammered down on. Austin got a slight slap and actually cleaned up his act a fair bit...there are a couple more to go.

Dickenson has more tantrums and usually over nothing. I was not home to see the game but I am assuming Mass's blowup was because of the ridiculous concussion protocol call on Reilly. I would probably have a mini tantrum too. Not to mention the objectionable conduct call allowing Calgary to drive the field for the last TD. As the rules are now the call is correct, but to be honest I think its ridiculous. A fake throat slash may be a dumb thing to do in bad taste, but a game should not be decided over something like that (yes calgary's drive involved more then just that play but it more than likely would have been over without that call). There are many other dumb things players do that are allowed (like some bad taste end zone celebrations) that do not get called.

But in regards to concussions the league and players can't have it both ways. The league keeps getting sued and subject to negative publicity by former players over concussions. Rielly got rocked and could certainly have had a concussion based on that hit, so they did their due diligence and had him checked out.

Maas also had a tantrum over a lost challenge before the end of the half. He should definitely be subject to some sort of discipline from the league.

I could wake up out of bed and have a concussion. While I get protecting players and lawsuits Reilly himself was objecting and put back in the game three plays later. Which is another thing that's dumb. Point being that it's hard to fault Maas for overreacting when the rules are dumb and inconsistent. If we want to see less coaches tantrums let's start by fixing the dumb rules that affect the game's far too much. For example the objectionable conduct play should follow basketball s technical foul model. Two and you're out of the game. Repeat offence s subject to large fines. However the play on the field stands.

Good for him! Nice to see a little fire from him.

Yes...if a 41 year old Head Coach believes his temper tantrums are the best way to motivate the most undisciplined team in the league good luck to him. He should be proud of his strategy. Working well.

If you find this is happening to you with some frequency, then you must have married the same kind of woman I did. ;D

I think getting screwed by officiating had a lot to do with it. CFL has to fix the problem with officiating .
Last nights game was the first time I can remember an off field official calling a penalty in a critical time of the game (throat slash) .
Was it the same official that stopped the play to to check Reilly for a concussion, if so why wasn't the head shot called.
Their are many other examples of the Esks getting screwed last night .

Maas looked like a buffoon! He would be perfect in the WWE with that kind of display...

Sometimes there is the "last straw" factor. Things build and build and then the latest dumb official call puts a person over the edge.

The players and coaches are professionals while the officials are amateurs. The CFL only gets what they pay for.

Agree with this ?How much longer till the fans get turned off .

Leave old Dopey…errrr Jason alone . Every 40 something yr old has a temper tantrum from time to time… ;D

Oh please. When was the last time a throat slash WASN'T called in a professional football game? That rule is black and white and has been on the books for years. It's going to be called 10 times out of 10 by on OR off-field officials.

If anything, I thought Maas could have had an issue with roughing the passer on the play, but not the decision to protect his own player. What if Reilly has headaches and dizzy spells today? He'll feel pretty foolish (if he doesn't already after destroying his headset on the correct call).

Then he brings up Reilly's "toughest in the league" award, somehow conflating one's physical toughness and high pain tolerance with resistance to mild traumatic brain injury in the process?

I thought Maas was supposed to be a bright guy. Just sounds more like a sore loser to me.

The officiating is enough to drive any professional crazy.... The cherry on the sunday was the non pass interference call on Adeleke. It was mind boggling. I think the rules committee could show that video to describe pass interference. The referee is looking right at the play and there's no head shot call when clearly it was helmet to chin on Reilly. At such a crucial time in the game.... No wonder he lost his sh**t. It was the culmination I think that broke him. I know it broke me.... The refereeing in the CFL has always been a bit of a joke. It was an absolute laugh riot last night. Well if you play for Calgary that is.

If players do not want a slash penalty at a critical time of the game , they should not slash.

Very simple.

If it makes you feel better to blame the refs, have at it.

The throat slash is a penalty every time. He should have never been that stupid.

Agree. Coaches can get mad but he crossed a line. He should be fined. Felt bad for the head ref.

Why don't they have professional refs that are paid to ref. Right now I'd wide the slate clean and get rid of the older ones that have proved they don't let the players play b

The throat slash was a legit if stupid penalty. It's the others that decided the game. The non pass interference on Adeleke and the unbelievable non headshot call on Reilly. (Then forcing Reilly out? WTF).... Are just a couple of examples. Pivotal calls that they got completely ass backwards. I've always been told the officiating is laughably bad by my friends that watch the NFL.... I love the CFL and I am not laughing.

.....Maas lost it on a challenge flag he threw on what he supposed was a pass interference call on Williams...It was a weak challenge, as I thought, along with the refs, that it was not interference and actually could have been a called penalty on the receiver...Why Maas went into orbit on that 'iffy' play I'll never know....He looked more like a maniac than passionate for his club...I agree with Lyle....fine him and make it a good one to discourage that kind of display ...I think the Esks. did draw a bench penalty but that won't do a heck of a lot to stifle that kind of crap...Jason looked like a 'nutbar' throwing his earphones and destroying them...Someone should have 'straight jacketed' him and made him sit on the bench till he cooled off...Some of his players looked embarrassed as heck and looked away as his tirade continued...Couldn't blame them.