Jason Maas radio interview...RIPS into host!

[url=http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=444337]http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemus ... dID=444337[/url]

click hi-fi.

towards the end of the interview, Jason TEARS into the host for knocking him in the past.


He was getting a lil choked up too.

Dont dont know if I would call that tearing into him but he did stand up for himself.

Good for Maas ... I like that guy. I'm glad now I don't have to feel guilty for liking an Eskimo :wink:

Haha. That was funny.

Great stuff Drumming...actually listen to it..
If he cries in the SteelTown, like he does in the interview..
He'll get is ass kicked back to Alberta....
Relax Maas, it's a buisness..the man is out to get ya...

Haven’t listened to it yet… but is Hallzy doing it? HA! That would be to funny

I think Maas will be what we need here in Hamilton to get more out of our receivers especially guys like Yeast who have a lot of talent but are bit on the whining side. Danny Mac was very low key which is great most of the time but a little vocals here and there might elevate the play of guys like Yeast I think.