Jason Maas, Overrated!

this guy is obviously a systems guy

I dont think he is overrated, they are not thriving under Pow! Pow!'s system. They need to open up the game, and throw some deep balls to keep the opposition honest. I do believe they will win their fair share of games, just a matter of the offence being on the same page.

Hamilton is 0-4 and Maas was billed as the next best thing since sliced bread. The guy has been nothing but a bust sofar.

Is it time to start Eakin. He had a good preseason.

and for those who don't know, sliced bread is awesome!

I still think Danny Mac could be the Ticat QB.

This is a ridiculous statement. Fine then, start Eakin, give us Maas back. No mention of Paopao and the fact that he's never won a single thing. Gotta be Maas'fault. They've barely used Holmes, they have more than adequate receiver's. Maas' numbers are fine.

The 'Cats might be all the rage in the Hammer these days but that sure doesn't make them knowledgable football fans.

Great post, its always easy to blame the starting QB, especially when you can blame the now former head coach, the OC, its the team that loses games, not just one individual player.

It’s not Paopao’s system totally here. You have to know that Greg Marshal instilled the type of offence he wanted and Paopao just devised the plays for this to happen. Without Marshall around, Paopao, who has been successful as both a qb and coach in this league, will thrive.
Man I wish people would stop looking at Joe, he was just giving the head coach what he wanted, which was a college offense.
Maas will also start to show his stuff more that Marshall is gone. Not saying he is as great as what some have said, but he will be better now.

first of all eskie-moses i dont want Maas back we got the best qb in the league, and second no Maas isnt overated he's jsut having a tough time

Define “successful”? So what you’re saying is, Paopao was given a plan, a process flow if you will, and Paopao can’t use it to implement effective plays. Yup, long live the Throwin’ Samoin’!

Paopao is the most unimaginative OC in the league. Thanks to him, Jason Maas leads the league in hitch passes. First time in years that title isn't held by someone from Saskatchewan.

For once we agree, Turd. For once...

I don't agree guys, Paopao even with crap owners in Ottawa and not a very good team, had success, he got the ball downfield more than here.
This was Marshall's offense here, no doubt about it. The guy is a total control freak from what I've heard, I bet he didn't even let Joe say a word in team meetings, because he lacked confidence in himself, he wants to be a head coach but wasn't ready for this level, why he looked so out of place with all his tirades at everyone.
Go get em Joe and Ronnie and show these guys they are wrong, dead wrong!

I'll draw a peace sign on the calendar! :wink:

Maas is still just trying to get used to the system in Hamilton. Any qb would be struggling with a new team, and scheme to learn, like Maas is. And if any Hamilton fans aren't happy, I'm sure Maas would love to be traded back to Edmonton! We saw what he could do in '04, 5,000 yards passing, a 2:1 INT ratio(if I remember correctly), and the record for most completions in a row in one game, 23 or something vs. winnipeg.

esk123, does Hamilton's scheme seem very hard to learn to you? How could Jason still be learning it when every team's DC already decyphered it? :wink:

It will take a qb some time to get used to a new offensive system, he's been in edmonton for 5 years, and I'm sure he's still too used to his old team.

Another obvious fact to consider is his chemistry with the receivers. This excuse has been being used all year long already, but I'm certain J-maas will pick up the team's passing game within the next couple of games.

Are people prepared to say that it was Edmonton's system and receivers that made Maas look good? I'm sure that has to do with some of his past success, but take a look, this guy is a solid qb just coming out of hibernation, IMO.

Its not JMs fault, he is on a craaaap team, they have no running game to open up the pass, they have no receivers in the top ten, who actually is their go to receiver, I couldnt tell you.....he is completely handicapped....

Maas is a joke.