Jason Maas OC

Yup, great hire for the Riders and Maas is just the OC you want to lead the Riders to a Home Field Grey Cup Victory. His past OC success speaks for itself.
He’s said over and over through the years that he is an “Offensive Football” Lover. This puts a whole new Attack to the Riders IMHO
Imagine with Fajardo’s Arm and confidence, along with Terrifying Receivers what an OC like Maas
(X-QB) could accomplish…Very exciting.
Finally an OC who in fact played as a QB.
Just like Maas said about 2020 season “can’t wait”!
Go Riders
Go to the Grey Cup 2020

Yah I agree, this was the last major piece to the puzzle, should be one hell of a season and can’t wait. Been a few years since I have been this excited for the season to start. Still some players to sign and a few pieces to fill in but the future looks bright…… at last Macadodo is gone!! Crack the keg!!

I heard that Maas would be able to bring in some of his “own” staff. Does anyone think he might beable to bring in Ricky Ray as a QB coach. I believe Maas and Ray are pretty good friends.

Wow, Ricky Ray would be a great q.b. Coach I’m thinking, he really seems to have the game figured out.

I don’t think this is a great signing. I wasn’t a huge MacAdoo fan, but I don’t think signing Maas was the answer. I question some of Dickenson’s play making decisions and so now they have added another guy who also doesn’t seem to make the best decisions. I hope I am wrong on this, but I don’t think Maas was the best man for the job.

An absolute Improvement from McAdoo.
Maas have great success in Ottawa, taking to the Grey Cup

He also has Henry Burris, a quarterback can make all the difference, we’ll see how he does with fajardo now, I hope we don’t start a coaching carrousel at o.c. Like we did with durant, they need some consistency there too.

I am not a big Maas fan thats for sure. But he is certainly an upgrade from MacAdoo. We have him for the next two years at least so we better hope so. Plus Maas has played the game at QB and was fairly successful. Fajardo is always saying how much he has learned from other successful QBs he has worked under. This could be a good fit.

I’ve talked myself into liking this decision and agree with the above.

Go Riders Go !

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I think the Toronto or Edmonton would be the teams that Ray would end up in.

True enough

I hope a new oc isn’t going to affect fadjardo, we don’t want to start changing oc’s every year ala, darian Durant.

I doubt this particular OC change is going to hurt Fajardo, IMHO the change HAD to be made. Yes, the offense performed well last year, but IMHO the OC cost us a trip to the GC (piss poor play calling in the fourth quarter red zone), and the year prior, failed to implement a game plan to utilize our b/u QB’s strengths in the playoffs. Maas has a proven track record as an OC, if anything I believe this is going to help CF towards achieving his potential.

Now JM has a QB he is very familiar with (and coached up) in James Franklin. Interesting, many have been very curious as to how good this young guy really is. Chris Jones was super high on him but couldn’t entice him at the time.
If the chemistry/relationship between QB’s is good, the Riders will have tons of play possibilities and look forward to a strong Fajardo season…

I am not sold on Franklin, think money could of been spent somewhere else. We have our QB and Harker looks to be another great QB in the making.

I totally agree, however my point is that JM knows Franklin, had a relationship with Franklin which is a comfort zone with a new team.
Mass has not worked with Fajardo or Harker (who imo the Riders should be focusing on). Fajardo and Harker have a great chemestry together which is what I’ve heard HC emphasize as priority.
Not sure how adding James Franklin into the mix is going to affect our already establish QB duo!
Makes me wonder how the HC feels about this move as it quite possible was championed by OC
Every OC has a guy or someone they feel comfortable with.
I also am not sold on this move???

Come on guys Harker is 24 years old & was a 1st year rookie straight out a college in 2019.

Fajardo was 27 last season. And spent 4 full pro seasons as a back up until getting his shot.

Franklin is 28. Entering his 5th pro season.
During Sunday’s sportscage coaches interview. Mickey straight out said the he, Oday, & Mass have experienced teams with Franklin. all three votes to get him.
And all three aren’t going to judge him on the 2 yr tire fire in toronto. They know what he can do.

On the other hand, age isn’t always an indicator of ability or lack of.
We’ve seen what Fajardo can do and what Harker can also do regardless of his age.
How has Oday experienced a team with Franklin??
Maybe Franklin is solid and maybe he’s way over rated. I personally don’t think from what I’ve seen that Franklin is something great. Maybe that will change.
I don’t want to see great Established QB chemistry upset by someones ego!!!
The reason Dickenson didn’t play JWL as much as Lambert wanted to play he said was because of the establish chemistry between QB’s and receivers.
So we’ll see soon enough, I’m not sold on Franklin and wasn’t when Jones was here either.
Time obviously will tell. Nothing wrong with good QB depth especially in Home Grey Cup year as long as it doesn’t mess with existing strengths!

First off, Cody proved himself when he got his chance, I have not seen that from Franklin, Harker is young but with time will also be one great QB, he just has the stuff from the little I have seen of him. Money could be better spent as I am sure franklin did not come that cheap

Well, if 2019 showed us anything, it might be that QB depth is essential? In a year that we are hoping to reach the GC in our own back yard, I’ll take the depth of having Franklin on the roster.

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