Jason Maas needs to call his own plays!

With watching Jason Maas in Edmonton he played really well. He is a proven leader and knows how to lead a team to victory. The problem with being with the hamilton tiger cats is that joe paopao makes all the calls. I dont think thats right.

Jason Maas sees a lot on the field and an offensive coordinator cant just pick plays. A quarterback needs to decide with himself and his receivers what his next play should be based on the defence that is presented to them. Like i mean if its a blitz..his play will be somethign different then a long deep pass. Only he will know when the play should be executed or not.

if i am a really good quarterback, i sure dont want somebody in the sidelines telling me and my veteran receivers what should be done based on what they see on the sideline when its me and my receivers which see whats going on in the field..were going to change our play accordingly based on blitzes and other plays the defence gives us

We said the same thing about Danny McMannus under Lancaster Jr. and Baressi. However, with a new QB, new O-line, and new recievers, IMHO Coach Paopao should be making the play calls. When Maas gets on the same page as his recievers, and the O-line starts to play as an integrated unit, then and only then, should Maas be calling his own plays.

There are also multiple sets of eyes on the sideline, plus a coach in the booth who can see a perspective that neither Maas nor the sideline coaches can see.

It's not like Maas only has one option during most plays either - he can adjust based on what the defense does. But this is where the "same page" necessity comes in as well, because every man in the offense has to be executing properly to ensure that those other options are available.