Jason Maas name Alouettes Head Coach

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Relieved to have this settled before January!

The important thing is to get him announced.

[“I am extremely pleased to be able to hire a coach of Jason’s caliber. He has valuable CFL head coaching experience and is a true leader of men,” said Alouettes General Manager Danny Maciocia. “Having been around him during my career and maintaining close contact over the years, I am convinced that Jason is the right person to help us continue our climb”.

This is a return to Montreal for Maas, who completed the 2007 season in Montreal as a backup quarterback.

“I’m very excited to join the Alouettes’ big family. The team showed great things last season and I look forward to continuing and complementing the work Danny has done so we can be even more successful,” said Maas. “I’m looking forward to getting to work and working hand in hand with the players and coaches to make us all better”.](Welcome Jason! - Montreal Alouettes)

J'espère qu'un journaliste aura le guts de demander à Maas s'il a réussi à contrôler ses crises de nerfs depuis son passage à Edmonton.


I am not pleased with Maas being the HC. But, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and hope he succeeds.


Not sure of this hire. Maas took over a pretty good Edmonton team and destroyed them...they are still recovering....complete fail as Sask OC..it'll take them a few years to recover.....
Positive note, he did work with Trevor Harris in Ottawa as OC where they went to GC....but after he left Ottawa is in shambles and still recovering....
....see the theme here
...maybe Macouca just wants to be hero and come to the rescue.

Was that Maas or Sunderland?

The EEs were actually worse after Maas left.


You are mixing up Elizondo with Maas ,

Mass in 2015 in Ottawa was with 2015 MOP Burris not Harris . That team was fantastic . Burris was 4 ...1000 yard receivers .

He left there to go to Edmonton after Jones bailed on them .


The process was a sham, but when you stop and think about it, there really wasn't an obvious realistic candidate that we missed out on. Trestman and Marcus Brady weren't coming, and of the CFL assistants mentioned, there is no way of knowing how they would turn out to be as Head Coaches.

It ain't going to happen but I would like to see Maas bring Cody Fajardo with him. I would take Fajardo over Harris because of the mobility factor.

And my concern with Maas is not Maas the HC but Maas the OC. I don't consider him to be a Dave Dickinson or LaPolice.

You are correct.
Maybe Maas can have the same success with Harris as he did with Burris.
I think Maas did have Mike O'Reilly in Edmonton...

Proving once again that a rolling Maas gathers no Jones.


Maas had Harris with Toronto when Harris was a rookie and Maas the QB coach

He had Harris with EDM to in his last season with EDM

Agree, he had his best season when he wasn't the play caller in 2017

Now very curious to see how Maas puts his stamp on the offense in 2023.


For all that we (rightly) complain about Maciocia's lack of U.S. scouting connections, here's one instance when a connection of his has worked out for the Alouettes. Hard not to think that Maas is our new HC in large part due to his friendship with Danny.

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He is just name Head Coach and not Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator right ?

Just HC, but I have a very hard time believing he won't run the offense even if the OC title isn't his. Trestman wasn't officially OC either.

Take this with a grain of salt, but in this interview Maciocia says that both Ricky Ray and Mike Reilly were big Maas supporters and wanted him to get the Montreal job when he talked with them on the phone. Also praises Maas's ability to get people in motion on offense and create favorable matchups.

Edit: Here, Maciocia seems to back off a bit on the question of whether the head coach keeps the existing staff. He says they have a good nucleus they want to keep but that ultimately the fit has to be right with the HC. I wonder if Maas played hardball and made it a condition of his acceptance that he gets full control over which coaches stay and which coaches go. if so, good for him.