Jason Maas jersey

[url=http://cflshop.mrx.ca/store/product.php?productid=371&cat=7&page=3]http://cflshop.mrx.ca/store/product.php ... t=7&page=3[/url]

lol i can’t believe their still selling these. I still think 60 bucks is way to expensive, I probably wouldn’t buy one anyway, but at the New york giants online store they are selling Lavar Arrington jersey’s for 29.99. I think that’s a good price for jerseys of washed up players who are no longer with the team, lol.

Get it and put NO- in front of it and you will have a nice cheap jersey.


you are basically paying for the jersey. taking the cresting off would be a pain.

i never understood why someone would buy a maas jersey when he is no longer with the team.

i have a maas jersey but I will probably never wear it again. I will keep it cuz who wants it but you can also look back on it and remember the hype just like with Timm Rosenbauch!!!!

At least Jason lasted 1.5 years and wasn't released!