Jason Maas is Toast?!?!



This doesn't sound good. Hamilton Tiger-Cat quarterback Jason Maas is recovering in his Edmonton home from off-season surgery on his throwing shoulder.

And the Hamilton pivot won't be able to begin throwing a football again until the start of next month.

But Tiger-Cat head coach Charlie Taaffe, who disclosed his pivot's current convalescence yesterday, expects Maas will be 100 per cent once training camp begins in late May.

Taaffe had his first ever conversation with Maas on Monday night.

"We had a good conversation. He told me his shoulder felt good because he slipped on the ice earlier that day and went down and he had to brace himself on his surgical shoulder and didn't have any pain," Taaffe said.

Taaffe stressed the surgery was of a relatively minor arthroscopic variety and the doctors' reports are positive.

"He is rehabbing it regularly with a therapist," Taaffe said.

"It wasn't a major deal and he is scheduled to start throwing March 1. He should be full go for training camp."

But word of the surgery likely has Cat fans holding their breath. Maas endured his worst season in his seven-year CFL career last season in Steeltown. There was rampant speculation that Maas was more injured than he let on as he struggled to complete the deep ball.

New Ticat offensive co-ordinator Mike Working said yesterday he believes Maas was banged up last season.

"I think that Jason Maas is a really talented quarterback. I think he was injured last year and I think those injuries have been addressed in the off-season. I have a lot of confidence he is going to have a great year simply because he is so competitive. I know he wants to right whatever didn't go the way he wanted last year," Working said.

The new Cat offensive strategist said Maas still completed 61 per cent of his passes last season. But he said the Cats have to do a good job of surrounding the passer with some weapons.

Taaffe said Maas is excited about returning to Hamilton.

"He was very positive."

The Cat bench boss said he is not overly concerned about Maas' performance last season.

"Obviously, he was not in good health last year, they had offensive staff changes early in the season, then the head coach was changed. Everything that could go wrong with a football team did go wrong.

"My Number 1 concern right now is to get him (Maas) healthy and get him ready to learn our system," he said, adding Maas has asked his coach to send him sections of the playbook as they become available so he can begin to study them.

"I'm not going to be judgmental on him based on what happened last season. However, he knows he has to compete and be productive."

Word of the Maas surgery helps explain why the Cats gave up two starters to acquire third-string Saskatchewan passer Rocky Butler last week.

hes definitely "toast" since the medical experts say he is recovering well, and will be throwing within a month and be fully healthy for TC. yup yup definitely done for


hence the ???? in my thread.

after playing so poorly last season, it IS possible that the surgery might not fix him 100%, and he'll continue to play poorly.

that thought is why the ticats got rocky butler isnt it???

Yes and just in case he reinjuirs himself or is not ready 100% for the start of the season

Yes and just in case he reinjuirs himself or is not ready 100% for the start of the season

Or maybe we will be toasting the surgeon
who restored Jason to his old passing form.

when Jason is victorious in game # 1
with a 350 yard passing display.

I can dream, can't I.

that thought is why the ticats got rocky butler isnt it??? I M h o- The players ticat gm has traded or let go are the ones who didnt try last year, ?

or to be ready in case Maas gets injured
and has to come out of the game

In any case, the Cats have finally
smartened up and realized that

all teams in the CFL need two
ready-for-prime time Quarterbacks

i hope maas returns to his '04 form...cuz im tired of watching really boring ticat games.

Which heats up the rumour again, that Jarious Jackson might sign in Hamilton!

I see this thread and the first thing that pops into my mind is a really bad knock-off of "The Six Million Dollar Man"..

"We can rebuild him, we have the technology, but we still don't have an O-line willing to block for him." :lol:

Lets hope he didnt have the same surgeon that Khari did.

Bang on Pigseye! I for one would have Maas as my number one with Glenn as our backup anytime!!!

LOL, Of course you can dream....

Jason Mooooos sux.

sad to see another promising career down the drain when butler landed in the ticat town...Look for them to repeat and screw up another QBs career...

haha maybe vice versa :smiley:

Jason Maas, last season didn't look too good. One thing I noticed was his frustration. He would throw two incompletes, then he would start screaming (and i mean screaming like a supervillian or something) and throwing his hands in the air and the worse he whined, the worse he usually played that day.

If he has any intention of coming back he needs to relax, and remain level-headed when playing in every game.

It seems a lot of people blame Jason Maas for a poor performance. I thought this is a team sport. I would first look at the receivers he had to throw too. Well they were not great. Yes just maybe his should contributed to it but the receiving core on this team did not perform well.

receiving corps.