hey guyz aloha, I,m from hawaii and watch timmy play in high school and college.I feel for maas but timmy knows the feeling too because when he play at UH he got booo and got pulled of a second stringer, only to bounce back and win the staring job back, timmy is a ti-cats but will always be a warrior so yeah maybe he should start


When you leaned out too far over your balcony,
to smile goofy smiles at those French girls prancing by quote]

How did you know they were French girls? I have lots of friends from Montreal and they are not "French"!!

is this site just for bashing players? i thought it was for talking football, i watched the calgary game the past 2 games, they have one of the most potent offences, one of the best head coaches, several coaches with cfl experience, a great defence and they were blown out 2 games, and yet all everyone can talk about on this site is get rid of maas and let chang start, i laughed at albo51 you can't expect chang to come in and win the game with less than a qtr to play, ask edmonton fans i think thats how they got to the Grey Cup in 2005!

I always wondered why year after year the Cats are always the weakest CFL team at QB.
The years with Ron at the helm were the most puzzling, you would think that with a hall of famer runnin the show we would be the strongest team at QB.
We never seem to be developing anyone and put all our eggs into one mediocre basket.
You can only blame management for so long, surely they realise this is a QB league. Nope, its gotta be we have a bad reputation and most QB's just don't want to come here.
Chang looks like he has potential, but really in the larger picture, its the same story"we don't have a QB AGAIN!!!"

result..another embarrassing season


This is getting way to old! Maas had his best game this year against Montreal.The sad fact is injurys and lack of exsperience is killing us! You can have all the nfls you want , but if they dont know the rules they are going to take stupid flags!

Wrong again. Obviously, not a Rhodes scholar...
Listen up. Your last comment shows how misunderstood you are.
"Chang looks like he has potential, but really in the larger picture, its the same story"we don't have a QB AGAIN!!!"
You can't say 'don't have a QB again', regarding Tim Chang. You don't just come out of college and shoot the lights out. Take a look at Toronto - Bishop is likely #1, after injury - but it took him 6 years to get there. Yes, 6 years.
You give Timmy 3 years, & you'll see a QB.

That is the reason Taffe is starting MAAS. He wants Chang to 'learn the System, & take reps in practice'. When Taffe is confident Chang can start, he WILL Start him, no doubt.
BUT to send him to the lions now (B.C. Lions?) is sure disaster.

Doesn't anyone here know anything about Football???

The Eagle :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Maas has my vote to STAY !!!

I don't see that Chang is ready.

I agree with Section31. Chang will be a Hall of Famer but he is way too green. He had one great pass but he had way too many passes that went to no-one. He needs time to develop.

Jason had his best game by far in a long time. He did throw that stupid INT. That was completely his fault but overall it was nice to see a game where we actually moved the ball

Woody, as I told "oski-oui-oui" in a P.S.
when I quoted the very same post you did.

Chang gets his starters reps.

Our 2nd stringers always have.

They have to know and be able to
physically execute the game plan
used against each week's opponent.

in case the 1st string QB gets injured,
plays poorly or the Offence needs a change.

This time Timmy was brought in
for reason # 3, that's a good thing!

As Box_J_4_ever said

This is getting way to old! Maas had his best game this year against Montreal.

I made a point and stand by it, Hamilton is the weakest team in the league at QB, have been for years. Chang is no Bishop and never will be. Bishop was at least tutoring behind a proven guy. Chang won't learn anything from Mass, except maybe poor mechanics.
The theory of not starting Chang against Montreal is the same silly reasoning Mr. Eagle notes, funny we brought him into the game anyway, should have been sooner. Its a special talent to start games rather than out of the bullpen, where Mass I think is better suited.
Start Chang against the Lions and get on with it, lets see Mass come off the bench, like he did with the Eskimos and had success.

ps. Mr. Eagle...try to curb your condescending ways, discuss the point without the barbs, you'll get a heck of alot more respect.
As for knowing something about football, I've been around the league and the game alot longer than you, guaranteed!!!

We've had a look at Maas for a full season and now three more games this season. One step forward....two steps back. No improvement yet with the possible exception of his TD Saturday night. Chang has been thrown in to rescue us way too late in each game he has played this year only.
This is your basis for staying with Maas?
I'll bet Maas would have lasted no more than three games with the Argos if his performance was the same as it has been in Tiger Town since he arrived.

i disagree about chang never being like bishop. bishop took him til he was almost 30 to become an all around qb.in the last few years bishop has actually committed to learning the game/playbook.
i see a lot of raw skills in timmy and a great arm. he's still only 25 which is young in the qb world.

If Maas had TO's recievers and O-line to work with i think he would be a lot better. Apples and Oranges my friend. Chang will be our starter, just not yet. Patience and development...Go-Cats-Go

C'mon Ron...I didn't just "roll off a turnip truck"! (credit Don Cherry)

I'm saving my "rant" till after game 4.

Chang is receiving "starters reps" based on a game-plan designed for Jason Maas! :roll:

We need an "O" designed to play to the strengths of the "starter". I can only wonder what would happen if the offence side of the team worked with Timmy for a couple of weeks! Not going to happen this "short week" but his time is coming!

I agree Mass is finished let chang play and if he falters then play williams and if he falters bring back Rocky