you have to get rid of Danny MAC or DMAC.....
Brady Bunch can't do the job......
Jason Maas is our savior (he will lead us to the promised land.......
Crucify Jason Maas he is done.......
its Chang time.......

the names change but the posts remain the same
its just going to be a long season....

Maybe he is suffering from the the same
2nd year dis-ease Coach Greg Marshall had.

i want my team to win more than anyone and if the answer was to simply drop maas then fine.
but you cannot convince that is the answer. ive seen this before and i suggest some actually watch the game. there are some many other problems on the offence than are so non qb related. and until you fix that and the units start to play like a team you'll never get a true indication of what chang or maas can really do.it's too early in the season to make this a write off.

IMO The play calling has been terrible. I question the coaching. Mass nor Chang has a chance trying to execute that poor play calling.

Charles in charge? I wouldn't hold my breath.

Yeah yeah yeah I know i know.

The whole team is bad. The whole team is practically rookies.

I am quite sure no team in the league would take Maas at this point. I could be wrong about that. You might get a third round pick for him.

guarantee you edmonton would take maas back for a 3rd

OK so what do the Cats do now for the next game in BC.
Jason played a little bit better then last game, 14 for 29, 211 yards 1TD and a bad pick when driving for the TD.
Timmy comes in and has the one long TD, but otherwise he did not look too much better.
I say stay with Jason, unfortunately best of the two bad QB scenario.

Argotom is right. Maas is the best qb we have right now. I think that if we bring in Chang to start, that it will send a message to the other players that we have written off the rest of the season. Chang did not look that good. (except for the one long throw. which was a great toss and run) He needs more experience. Keep Maas (or maybe Williams?) as the starter and bring Chang in if we need him. (which we probably will.) It will give him the experience he needs.

Thats entirely wrong. Maas looked terrible again and left a mess for his relief in the 4th quarter. An absolutely no in situation for a backup. Somehow Chang and Lumsden made the game look winnable for a brief time. Out with Maas once and for all

We need Maas and Chang to keep the presure on each other right now. Trading Maas would be a big mistake lads.

Maas didn't look terrible, penalties, dropped balls,o-line,penalties etc. You can't lay all the blame on Maas. Chang didn't do any better. The QB will not turn this team around unless every player gets on the same page....by the way, the 5th quarter is the funniest thing i've ever heard....guess the price of beer doesn't slow down the fans in the Hammer.

Since we have no 3rd QB I'd say you are correct. Chang, Williams and Maas on the practice roster

Maas in the bullpen would most likely be a better scenario at this point because he would probably not try to score 20 points a drive and take his eyes off shotgun snaps in his own end zone.....

Chang is loose as a goose out there in comparison.

Mistakes? Sure, the kid WILL make them, Don't kid ourselves. But he will, even with the line we have (which played much better in the second half, BTW) and the receiving corps in its current state, MAKE MORE PLAYS THAN JASON MAAS. Straight up.

He needs starter's reps in practice ASAP.

I can't believe people are still backing Maas. How many games do we have to lose under this guy before we wake up? The guy did nothing out there except throw one long hail mary pass that ened in a touchdown. The Cats have cut almost every player from last year's offense except Maas and they are still as bad as last year. That should tell you something. Maas is the problem. How can receivers who did nothing last year all of a sudden be outstanding for other teams this year. Because the QBs give them a chance to make the plays. They don't throw the balls behind them or too high and set them up to get killed every second pass.

That guy on the fifth quarter was a plant. No doubt about it. Sounded like a plant, talked like a plant. I wonder how many plants there on this site who are part of Bob Young's wonderous SPIN MACHINE. That guy is the reason I want out of this stupid city. People like that I want nothing to do with. What an idiot.

emms1, gotc etc.....

Please fellas! You are dug in way too deep with your notion that Maas should stay as the starting QB because the rest of the team is also playing badly.
Maas is the worst starting QB in the league. Calvillo is far superior and Montreal also had an 0-2 record until last night. A good starting QB can rally a team and make it better. Maas can't. Chang shows some spark and creativity but they only bring him in when Maas has been unable to score and the other team is two touchdowns ahead.
After watching three regular season games with new coaches and new receivers, all we get from Maas is the same sub-standard play as last season.
It was time to yank Maas a third of the way through last season. Here we are a year later and still there are people who can't figure it out. Unbelievable.

Because this team is overrun with incompetence in high places. There's no question about it. Something is inherently wrong with this organization. We are not moving in the right direction, we are wasting time and spinning our wheels on a washed up hasbeen quarterback that has never really been. Our offensive line is still an unfunny joke, and our secondary looks like a bunch of kindergarteners out there. The Ticats are a joke. I cannot sugar coat that. Not on the morning after. Not on your life.

When you leaned out too far over your balcony,
to smile goofy smiles at those French girls prancing by
I think you knocked your football antennae off kilter.

When you rolled the dice and got all those 7s last game.

Maybe those Sevens weren't so lucky after all.

I heard Glen Suitor said Jason had fire in his eyes.

It sure looked like he did to me, He was darn well determined
to convert 2nd downs whether he had to run it himself or not.

Until he threw that bonehead interception in the endzone
with 10 minutes to go Jason was 15/28 for 211 yards

I hope Charlie's keeps using a similar approach
to the one he used this week with Jason and Timmy

They both can earn the starter's role each week

by how their play the previous week's game
and how they play during practice that week.

and he has no qualms of pulling the starter
if he screws up big plays at a critical time.

Now that Jason hasn't been getting a vote of confidence
all the time we will see a lot more focussed Jason Mass.

It will be tough for Timmy to get the start.


Chang gets his starters reps.

Our 2nd stringers always have.

an injured maas last season i'm willing to take that for granted, maybe i'm blind but i'm not ready to hang this guy after game 3.
you have to build an offence and built chemistry around your qb. that includes maas includes chang. .
ive said on numerous other posts let's see how this offence is after game 4 or 5 then it would make sense if you had to drop maas whatever.
what a huge mistake it would be dropping him after gm 2. it's incredulous some fans are in that mindset.