the pick maas threw was a horrible play and there was a couple of other bad passes he threw.
but i honestly did not see it all on maas and i see it more on the whole offence.i did see some things i like in the roll out and again the gardner,ralph drops did kill the momentum in a couple of drives.
if i'm wrong fine, i'll be glad we win big with chang but i'm not convinced maas is done. and i'm not ready to throw in this season this early to watch a rook qb go threw the shredder.the timing doesn't seem right to me yet.we'll see next week anyways.

Chang looked dangerous ? When ??? Do tell !!!

We have the worst recieving core in pro football bar none !!! Do your hear that Charlie ??? I watched a guy run an out and not even bother to look back to see if the ball would be thrown in his direction . It was , but he didnt even bother to look back to see that the ball was thrown behind him on purpose , if he had bothered to look the ball was thier to be caught for the first down .

Does Gardner want to play in the CFL ? Short outs are the easiest ball to catch no ??? Does Ralph need to be WIDE OPEN to catch a ball ?? It is getting so bloody hard to want to go to Ivor Wyne any longer .

No TDS against the ARGOS in 4 games ??? Are you kidding me @!!!!!!!

Er...Nope..give Maas ANOTHER Chance? How many chances are we gonna give this guy? point is Maas has crapped it up since day one of being a tiger cat. Give Chang some more chances, Chang looked ALOT better than Maas.


Yeah..but its even more risky to keep on going with a QB that just can't get the job done. Starting Maas last night wasted a half of the game. From where I was sitting (Section J) Maas never looked comfortable, his passes had nothing on them and most missed the receivers. The ones that did make it were dropped so he caouldn't be blamed for that. He also takes too long to get rid of the ball. The receivers had to stop to catch the ball and allowed the defence time to cover. Chang looked right at home and certainly got things moving. So where's the risk?

The risk is that you will ruin a young kid's confidence. We clearly don't have an O-line to protect our QBs right now and we don't have enough quality receivers to catch the ball. After of few loses pinned on Chang, he is going to really start quesitoning his abilities and he'll start forcing the situation. As his losses pile up, then the media and fans will start to wonder if he can play in this league and so on and so on. I would much rather let Maas take the heat for these losses as Chang watches and learns from the sidelines. You have to remember that Chang is human too, and football like any sport is largely a mental game. If Chang starts questioning his abilities then it could take a long time to get him back to where he once was.

Starting Maas is a risk. He's clearly not throwing the ball well. His longer throws are just hanging there. Something is wrong with him, and I doubt he can do anything about it any time soon. Other problems aside, I think you go with Chang.

It's too bad Butler didn't want to stick around. I would have liked to see him in there instead of Chang. Hey, I agree that Chang is fun to watch, he moves really well, makes guys miss and adds exicitment to the game, but I'm just concerned about the damage that we might do to his confidence when the losses start piling up on him. Ask yourself this question, how long will fans support Chang without jumping all over him like we have Maas? 4 losses, 5 losses? A whole season of losses? I doubt it.

dunigan says maas is taking painkillers.

so maas should rest up and get his arm to 100% rather than playing with a weak arm.

Maas was finished the day he stepped on Hamilton soil. He is way over-rated and under-produces. Yes we may have issues with the o-line and recievers but it all starts at the QB. He makes terrible decisions and does not appear to show any emotion at all in his play. This is the same problem we always have (except for one or two years with McMannus). Hamilton has always struggled at the QB position. Look around the league and you see quality QB’s everywhere but Hamilton. We always sign the other teams cast offs as they get better younger QB’s…look at the history…Dunnigan, Jones, Maas…it goes on and on. When we did have a good QB (Calvillo) they cut him after one season in which he saw very limited play but yet they keep Maas around for another embarrassing season of woes! :roll:

Just for the record, drummer_god,

Matt Dunigan does not directly state that Jason Maas
is taking painkillers in his comments on TSN.ca

I don't know how often this is practiced in Pro sports
but it sure is a common practice for weekend warriors.

Their aches and pains ain't gonna get better with rest.

so they do what they feel that they gotta do.
It seems to make them able to perform much better.

dunigan said he talked to jason maas and he was jacked up on T which is a painkiller.

Why play Maas if he clearly can't march the team into the endzone, but Chang can? (Chang's sure-fire TD pass was dropped last night by butter-fingers Dickerson).

Maas is painful to watch out there. He is clearly taking much longer than Chang to make his reads and commit to a throw, and Chang is much more creative and mobile. Both QB's had to deal with a pass rush, but Maas was frazzled, while Chang made something out of nothing.

I fully expect Maas to be cut outright this week. He is making way too much money for a backup. (I actually think that in Taafe's mind, Richie Williams is ahead of Maas on the depth chart now).

I'm going to the game next week at Ivor Wynne, and fully expect Chang to start. And everyone else there will be expecting the same thing. Are you listening, coach Taafe?

Exactly, And now we have a great young QB and everyone is worried about using him. You guys who say Chang isn't ready and give Maas another chance - just what game are you watching. Chang moved the ball brought some enthusiasm and at least gave them a chance to perfrom out there.
Football is all about optimism. Maas has once again drained the team of optimism and is rapidly taking away any momentum they may have had coming into the season.
If they lose another game, without any reason to feel optimistic, the season will be all but over. They need to build momentum, with Maas in there they are actually going in the wrong direction.

Is Everyone here watching the Same Game I was.
Where was the Protection for Jason or Timmy
Jason would Drop Back and Cook would miss his block.

Where was Jason
He was Kissing the Turf via the Argo Blitz.
He was Tough as Nails
I Respect for Standing in there.

Drummergod I like try passing with The Kissing Bandit Breathing down your neck

After watching game 1, I was on the "Cut/Trade Maas bandwagon" as well. However, after watching the entire game last night, the problem isn't Maas, it is the entire "O". Lumsden hasn't cracked 100 yards in 2 games, do we cut him? There isn't a receiver over 100 yards, do we get rid of all of them? Throwing Chang in after the first quarter was sending a message to all those doubters. Did Chang and the O crack the goal-line? When your O line is allowing 2-3 seconds to make a play, I don't care who your QB is, he isn't going to move the ball. You can't throw or run the ball in 2-3 seconds. Why do you think the backs are going no where? Until the O gains more experience, the results are going to be the same. It hard to judge our D because they are on the field 75% of the game. So, it appears that there is no quick solution and we are in for a long season.

Good points about Chang's abilities, ticatsackattack.

but you are dreaming in technicolour
if you think Chang starts next week.

and you are dreaming in 3D with Surround Sound
if you think Charlie will decide to start Chang
because some fans are screaming for him to start.

Cunny, you nailed it. The real problem with this team is the O-Line. They need to open holes and have better pass protection out there. I too am not sold on Damion Cook… I am also questioning the abilities of marwan hage as a centre.

I hope we have Hudson back soon.

Another Ti-Cat loss. Surprise, surprise, surprise. HAHAHAHAHAHA...LOL
I can not believe that anyone would actually pay money to see these Ti-Cat losers.
The entire Organization is a joke.
These guys cant even score a touchdown.
Too funny...
Save your money and time people. Find another interest in your life.
I find all this so amusing. lol

I do not blame Maas because the entire organization is to blame. But what I would like to see from Maas is the fire and desire that he used to have.
When he came here we thought he was the kind of player that could ignite an offence with his passion. If someone screwed up he would not tolerate it. He would run himself and drag the offence behind him. That is what I want to see!