I stopped listening to the 5th quarter after last week. They keep saying receivers aren't running their routes. The announcer keeps blaming everybody but Maas. I was sick of listening to this gibberish all of last year, so now I don't tune it any more.

Then tonight that Walby guy on TSN says the same thing in the first quarter. Maas was sacked in 2 seconds and the Wably guy starts blaming the receivers for not coming back to the ball. What an idiot! He was sacked in 2 seconds, the receivers hadn't even left the line of scrimmage!

It's sad that it takes a home crowd of screaming fans to prompt a QB change. That's what it took though and thank you fans for making it happen.

Hey Coach Taffe " is Jason Maas still the man" ? End of subject right Coach ?No more questions please!To bad Jason showed you nothing again tonight ZERO points and no touchdowns in 2 games.

even so i thought they should have given maas the first half, but i don't think john elway woulda made a difference with 1 sec to throw. blown assignments on the oline and no hot passes to the wideouts or middle screens to lumsden/holmes to combat the blitzes.
yes maas deserves some blame because he is part of an offensive unit that is not performing, but if the quick fix is changing the qb being the solution, well ...

I’ll buy a Snickers for myself tomorrow.



I stopped listening to the 5th quarter after last week. They keep saying receivers aren't running their routes. The announcer keeps blaming everybody but Maas. I was sick of listening to this gibberish all of last year, so now I don't tune it any more.

It's almost like the 5th quarter wants to make sure no one's feelings are hurt. Call it like it is out there guys and stop trying to protect a qurterback that has played a major role in bringing the Cats to their knees.
Have some courage to call them as you see them instead of making lame excuses for a guy. Yes receivers dropped some balls but take a close look at the throws, many of them were hardly perfect throws from Maas.

A leg of lamb has a better arm than Maas. Chang's the man...

I know it’s a different sport, but in part how was it that the Bulldogs won the championship? They put their faith in a rookie goalie who demonstrated excellent potential. Similar situation here. It’s the stuff legends are made of.

Whenever Chang went off the field and they had the camera on him, I noticed his body language and demeanour. His interactions with Taaffe were the kind of exchanges -- even when Timmy made mistakes -- that you want to see in your leader. Asking Taaffe, getting his feedback/criticism, taking it in like a sponge and getting into the game.

He's not some shrinking violet, not a deer in the headlights type, he's a gunslinger.

I'm not into the "gun control because we are out of bullets" mentality in the Alamo of rebuilding efforts against elite teams. You take your empty pistols and chuck them at the SOBs. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Timmy has that fire.

Oski Wee Wee,

If Maas wasnt done, Charlie Taafe would have given him a ufll 8 quarters in both regular season games to redeem himself and to run the offence. Maas is straight up down for the count, he aint getting up again, he is against the ropes and barely hanging on. cut your losses now, release him and allow him to go back to Edmonton, because the eskies' offence suits him perfectly, and Edmonton has no veteran backup behind Ray. Maybe the Cats could do a trade for a conditional draft pick or something. At least Jason can be thankful that he isnt the most unfortunate Maas tonight:


anyone remember in 83 when clements was “washed up” and by some fluke he won a cup in the peg the next season.

I agree with this comment!!! There is alot more
to fix other than MAAS. What will you say after
chang has been starting a few games and we lose
them and chang's confidence as well!!!
Let's give MAAS another chance with better
receivers who can catch!!!!!!!!

Yes. His offenses scored 20 a game at least, even in 1983.

His arm wasn't an issue.

He was still one of the most mobile QBs and an excellent reader of defences -- perhaps the smartest QB we ever had football-wise.

He was also facing death threats and having his house vandalized by moronic "fans."

It was good for his career and his general sense of well-being that he left Hamilton to start anew in Winnipeg.

It was our loss -- and the Bombers' gain.

What that has to do with a defence of Maas eludes me. A.C. was written off too, but at least he could pull off a touchdown or two per fortnight.

I mean, I make Billy Dicken cracks and his pathetic 2000 numbers duel Maas's for crying out loud.

Oski Wee Wee,

different scneario, different era, different QB, Clements was an intelligent QB, who udnerstood the game and could read defenses, very smart guy with a law degree. Maas is just a deer in the headlights and couldnt tell the difference between his @ss and the goalpost.

i was trying to make the point this city likes to drive out qb's.i was pissed with the clements thing.
i'm sorry i disagree with your view of maas.

oh no billy dicken/todd bankhead lol
i thought we had a balanced attack back then and an experienced solid oline and grigg/flutie. i just don't feel with this offence and last year's poapoa's schemes we've done much to utilize maas and even more last season with holmes and terry vaughn and flick. i thought it was all about maas and his injuries last year but i don't see these current problems on the offence something chang is gonna change. and like ive said i like chang alot but this offence as a whole is horrible.if i thought it was all about maas i would definitely agree ok to the next qb, but i honestly don't see it.

You've got my support!!!

If you're going to be horrible in the two scenarios, go young in the horror.

It's not even a question of being competitive with Maas at this point. The receiving corps can't bail him out. So what do we do? Let Chang absorb the lessons on the sideline of how a true professional gets smoked on the field week after week???

At least through all the anti-Danny Mac bile over the years on this board, people could at least acknowledge that we were going to score something every night with Danny at the controls.

Tonight I saw a rookie QB with more playmaking skills in a cesspool give the team a little life, a little hope.

I remember Terry Bradshaw getting run over his first couple of years with the Steelers. Didn't hurt his ring fingers. Depends on the kid involved.

Oski Wee Wee,

Ill support any QB that has promise, but Maas is done baby, signed, sealed and delivered.

i just liked to be convinced maas needs to be benched because it's still so early in the season and would rather see some adjustments and fix this and then get a true indication of the qbs. again i am for chang but not just yet.

I'll bet MAAS starts next week!!! :thup: