First it was Damon Allen, then more recently the pitifull early season performance of Anthony Calvillo.
Now, two games in and it looks like Jason Maas of last year and he really has not produced anything with the Cats.
What should the Cats do, go with the raw rookie Timmy Chang? You might as well as half the team is new and they are defintely in a rebuilding phase.

WOW.. it actually took an HOUR for this thread to materialize.... way to show restraint!!


Are you drunk?

Chang was ineffective.

He is done.

I'm listening to a guy on The Fifth Quarter defending Maas and I'm hearing the right things one would say defending a zero-point generating performance.

The O-line let him down. The receivers let him down. I got that.

All I saw tonight was Chang making things happen in a cesspool. If we have a receiving corps like that to endure until someone emerges, GO WITH A PLAYMAKER.

Chang is the man. Maybe Jason can be his set of eyes and come into games in relief. To see that grimace/touchdown-constipated stare series after series again as games piddle away is too much.

Oski Wee Wee,

We made excuses all last year for Maas. I don't disagree that the O-line didn't have their best game. The receivers weren't great either. But Chang looked dangerous out there, while Maas just looked overwhelmed.

I'll go with the dangerous playmaker over the sitting duck anyday

I believe we have a winner.....on the 30th Anti-Maas thread.
Wait a minute....oski-oui-oui.
YOU CHEATED...it was your post.

4 FIRST DOWNS! in the first half when Maas was in at QB C'mon guys don't act like Maas isn't moving the ball!! :roll: As of right now I can only laugh to be honest.

our receivers can't make a catch. no one is open, our offence lacks imagination and are oline is out of sync.
yes i think chang eventually will be a decent qb in this league.
but i don't see how it all sits on maas' shoulders.this problem runs deeper. i personally feel we lack talent on offence and have no real deep go to guy to open up the rest of the field. i'm sorry but once again blaming our qb is just the band aid solution in this city. alas.tom clements, mike kerrigan, danny mac.

5 points 3 quarters?

Jason is just the biggest cog in a broken wheel. He has knowone to throw too and doesn’t seem to be able to sustain any drives. Chang moves around alot which helps him open things up a bit, but all in all the team looks like what it is…Inexperienced …

The Maas supporters have got to give it up. The guy stunk out there. Chang at least gave us some hope. he completed passes. And if the receivers had caught some more of his perfect passes it would have been even better. he escaped the rush and looked confident out there. As far as being young, he played with more maturity than Maas did.

I was wondering if Maas has nerve damage in his shoulder and affects his feel for the ball. Some of those throws looked like he didn't have a good grip on the ball.
Could explain why Lancaster said last year Maas would never be 100% again.
Also I'm a little puzzled why the Ticats gave up on Rocky Butler without seeing him in league action. They need somebody to buy time until Chang is ready for fulltime action.

5 points 3 quarters?

I think what you meant to say was,

14 points, 8 quarters.

And 12 of the 14 points are field goals!!!!

It's risky to throw a raw rookie into this situation, even though Chang can be a future star in the league

Maas made his glory coming in and relieving
in the 2nd half in Edmonton. So let's start
Chang and use Maas as a so called reliever.
Maas excells his game coming in later
in relief.His arm strength isn't the best.
Why is he throwing 60 yard outs?
The offense has no imagination.

if u wanna win u got to have the quarterback that can run and pass and jason cant do either really so put in chang that can run and kinda throw and when he came in they had a drive that almost went and ralph came big that drive where chang was throwing completions

He's seen enough bullets in the NCAA and NFL Europe to outdo half the backups in this league by a country mile.

He isn't a babe in the woods.

It's also risky to let a program stagnate. You go with the hotter hand. You go with Timmy Chang at this point, IMHO.

It's not expecting miracles, just progression. If it cuts down the sickbay ruminations by the talking heads about whether our QB is going to implode into a heap of Tony The Tiger Decals and dust after every hit, screw that.

When you can't score with a vet at the controls, why not go with a kid you figure you can build a team around?

Oski Wee Wee,

yeah there were definitely a few times i thought maas should have stepped up in the pocket and took off.
but speaking of ralph that was a huge drop in the 1st thrown by maas,
don't get me wrong i like chang i just don't think the qb's are the real reason the offence is as bad it is.