Jason Maas fired

Maas had an injured QB for the second half of the season. I recognize that most teams had injuries there, however, Harris was also an M.O.P candidate early on in the season. He missed the playoffs last season. In evaluating his entire body of work, I’m not surprised at the release.

I’m afraid that’s true. And more so now than it was before the start of the 2019 season.


Yah tough break kinda wonder why it doesn’t work both ways though isn’t this about the same time he gave RB’s before the season .

Not sure XFL should have a choice if the CFL contract wasn’t upheld .

Sometimes you just shoot yourself in the foot!
If he had been patient this probably would have been his year for a HC’s gig! If this story is true…It is still early, since the season was only finished on Sunday…things might change for him.

Whether you agree or not with him leaving Redblacks in a bit of lurch, this is a little fitting.

You get mad a CFL team for not allowing you to do a third interview, after he interviewed earlier with 2 other teams. You leave that team and leave them scrambling. You go to a league, that based on history may only have 1 or 2 seasons. Now that league is blocking you from an HC opportunity in the CFL.

Edmonton a little fixated on Ottawa coaches. Maas, now Campbell possible? Elizondo not happening.
Paopao is available I believe.

Joe Paopao might be a good hire for the Esks.


True, but weren’t they on a downward slide before Harris got hurt?

All I know is that Edmonton is well above average on both sides of the line of scrimmage. In fact, I would put their D-line in the top 2 or 3 in the league. Sewell is an absolute beast. They should have won more games by winning the line of scrimmage. I am not sure Maas got the most from that amount of talent.

I’m a big Jason Maas as a player. I don’t like seeing one of our own fired. I agree the team has underperformed since he has taken over.

The only coach still under contract and remaining with the team is Phillip Lolley, the D Co-ordinator.

O’Shea holds all the cards now. If he wants the Toronto HC job he got it.
As For Lapo back as a HC somewhere. Not a whole lot of choices out there.
This time as a HC he will be bringing QB coach Buck Pierce with him as his OC & QB coach.

It is gona be interesting. The firings have started. The signings of coacehes to a new team have yet to start.

Walters has indicated Osh will stay but nothing is written in stone. If he stays and Lapo leaves I believe Buck is the Bombers next OC. I don’t think he goes with Lapo.

Truth! And if he chooses to leave for Toronto, all the detractors he’s had sniping at him for years in Winnipeg will be largely to blame.


The coaches I would like to see in Edmonton

  1. Mark Trestman: Mark had a rough final season but all the guy has done in the CFL is find ways to win. He would have a capable quarterback in Trevor Harris; something he didn’t have his last year in Toronto.

  2. Paul LaPolice: Paul is a offensive master mind. He drew the short end of the stick in his first years as head coach, coaching for a train wreck in Winnipeg. I think he would do well in the right organization.

  3. Chris Jones: Chris brought a Grey Cup to Edmonton in 2015 and turned around a flailing Roughrider organization. Jones can not be overlooked in who gets credit for this year’s season in Saskatchewan. Should he be released end of season in Cleveland, I hope he gets a shot. I think that position will be filled by then though.

  4. Mark Kilam: Mark took on extra responsibilities this year in Calgary as Assistant Head Coach. The trend in the CFL appears to be Special Teams coaches getting more consideration in vacant head coaching jobs. Mark has been around a successful organization for the last decade and could bring that winning culture to Edmonton.

Who I would not like to see:

  1. Rick Campbell: His mediocre seasons were masked by Grey Cup appearances from a weak East division. I do not see him being able to keep up with the big boys in Calgary, Saskatchewan or Winnipeg.

  2. Any Hamilton TiCat assistants: The team had one successful season. I’d like to see them string together a few more before taking a risk there.

Ya. There is not enuff town in Winnipeg for both O’Shea & Lapo.
The Bombers front office dont have much time to celebrate.
Lapo could be gone within the next week or so. If Osh takes his time to make his decision. He is the King of the Castle now.
Bombers cant lose both of them.
Good point with Buck Pierce too. If Lapo goes and Osh stays the inderlining story is that the Bombers cant afford to not give Buck a promotion to OC.

Hmmmmm, Now that Rick Campbell has signed as HC in BC,

Is Jason Maas now the best candidate as HC of EDM? :o ??? ::slight_smile:

Probably. But I think the Esks might go with Paul LaPolice instead.


Truth! I think Buck Pierce is more than ready to be the Bombers’ offensive coordinator.


Yup. When ya learn from the best of the best.

Well Campbell signing as BC HC. The First big Dominoe has fallen.
Oshea’s press conference to announce nothing lol. Will keep the interviews rolling around the league.
The Bombers cant wait too long tho. Cause Lapo may bolt at any time for a HC job.
As for Maas. Prolly not a good decision for anyone to sign him as a HC.
He is still young better he takes a step back with a strong HC , like Campbell for example, and be the OC.
Young First time HC’s often dont work out.
Go back to an OC & his next HC job will come.
Learn from your mistakes and be better at your next shot at HC