Jason Maas fired

I’m afraid this means that the Eskimos will have a losing record in 2020. They’ll be very lucky to make the playoffs as the crossover team.


IMHO, Rick Campbell just became the front runner as HC in EDM if he doesn’t sign in BC and if Campbell signs in EDM, then Maas becomes front runner as HC in BC. :o :o :o

About friggin time.
Should have happened last season.

Harris, ellingson, Campbell

BC and Ottawa need a HC, but do you think Hervey and Desjardins are willing to give a chance to Maas? Would it be more plausible that he will step down to be an offensive coordinator?

Yes I think OC is where he excels and should get some interest .

Perfect. Take a sub .500 trio to the tougher division.

is this the most (potential) coaching movement in years?

Is anyone surprised ? They had to fire him to make room for Rick. You know, Hughie’s son.

Not surprised with this prompt decision.
I am surprised how my Argos are waffling with Chamblin, as he should have been fired the next day after our last game.
Looks like he is staying as the last rumour at GC week.
This means we are going to lose out on both potentially O’Shea, even though he is supposedly re-signing, but then there goes Lapolice the best offensive mind in the league probably to either Edmonton or Ottawa?

Edmonton: Not surprised about Maas. Good team, good talent. Very undisciplined like their coach.
Maas should go back to OC, mature for a few more years until he can get his emotions under control.
Made the move once BC showed interest in Campbell. I agree I think Campbell is going to Edmonton.

Toronto: They have already said multiple times that they are keeping Chamberlin. Oshea is staying in Winnipeg, and dont they have trestman on the books for one more year. If they let go of chamberlin he would stay on the books for the cap wouldn’t he? However, they can look at new OC’s and DC’s.

Ottawa: I have no idea what is happening there. Perhaps go after Condell for HC and Masoli for QB from Hamilton?

BC: They will look for an established coach. I think they will look at Maas, but may want someone not so volatile. If they don’t get Campbell, do they look at LaPolice?

Calgary,Sask,Wpg, Montreal are set.

Why does everyone feel Lapolice is such a hot commodity for HC…?

Has been a HC once, learned presumably from his mistakes.
As for his last years as an OC, surely you have seen the games he has called and especially the unique way he has operated a tandem QB system that ultimately neither the Cats or Calgary had an answer for in the playoffs.

So judging by the last two years results with Maas at the helm it’s same old , same old .

For what it’s worth I have always thought that Maas was a terrible HC that totally underachieved with the talent he had on his roster . If I’m an Eskie fan (and I’m not ) I would be saying good riddance to Mr Maas and his childish immature undisciplined approach that he has shown in his time in Edmonton.

Just a few examples…

Exhibit ‘A’

Exhibit ‘B’

Right on Bobo and you are not even a fan of the team as am I.

Below is what I wrote in the team thread following months of such advocacy for his firing.

The only potential save for me would have been if they had made the Grey Cup, but I would not convinced for sure with even that unless they somehow won and they were not even close with this team.

I don’t believe in “homer passes” like too many fans or 'but he’s such a good guy anyway" and the like not that he’s not, but this is business not making friends with neighbours or at some random bar or bros looking for more dudes with whom to drink beer and so forth.

Well, as predicted, good-bye he had made the best of it until the second half of this season.

Mediocrity, plus most achievement due mostly to awful Eastern division, en route to playoff appearances is not going to lead to future Grey Cup appearances let alone success, so a good decision has been made.

I’m very afraid of worse now though. Hopefully the Esks find someone with Canadian football coaching experience.


Im not saying the combo works. Im saying there is a major perception THAT combo has had success, which is enough to warrant the idea theyll be reunited.
Given theyve appeared in three grey cups (interchangeably)

If I’m the Eskimos I’m setting my sights much higher than two losing seasons and 11-7. Grey Cup or not that’s not going to cut it in the West. However if I’m the rest of the West I’m not worried about them at all.