Jason Maas Esks new HC

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Jason Maas about to become #Eskimos head coach. #CFL

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Per #CFL sources: Jason Maas meeting Eskimos brass today to "finalize" matters and terms that likely makes him Edmonton's next head coach.

Hervey said that he was going to hire whoever could bring the best staff with him. Not sure, how many he got from the Redblacks, but I bet it is more that what Orlondo Steinauer could have gotten from Hamilton. :smiley:

Only guy I can see Maas taking with him is Leroy Blugh. DC mentioned is likely Barron Miles. I don't think Edmonton will miss a beat. Offense should continue to progress and Defense might take a small step back mostly because of free agency and Jones history of poaching players he recruited.

....Good luck to the Esks. on that hire...It's a little early for the head coaching position in my estimation...We know in Wpg. that it's not an easy transition from oc to the head coaching gig as one might think...Big learning curve for Jason...just ask Mike O'Shea.. :wink: Assistants will be key and rumours are Benevides might take on that job...Barron Miles is too green..

If this is true then a totally new start and OC again for Hank.

I thought O'Shea went from special teams coach to head coach. That's a huge leap. Not quite as big a leap going from offensive coordinator to head coach. Plus, if I remember correctly, Maas has a year or two as QB coach, so a logical progression. While I think another year at OC might have been good, he should adjust well. As long as he brings someone else in as OC - Maas needs to focus on his main role, and let others handle the details.

I was thinking Chiu. They coached together in Toronto and Chiu is from out west.

We'll see.

Arash Madani is saying Bene likely for DC & Cory McDiarmid for Special Teams in Edmonton with Maas. He also says the Redblacks have hired Bob Dyce for their ST coach.

Musical chairs in the CFL. Wish Maas the best, hope Ottawa finds a good replacement. I'm already getting excited for next year.

"Sources also said Redblacks running backs coach Jordan Maksymic will be among those joining Maas on Edmonton’s coaching staff."

Maas nearing deal to become next coach of Eskimos

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/maas-in-final-stages-to-becoming-eskimos-coach/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/ma ... mos-coach/[/url]

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As per speculation on Jason Mass as next HC in Edmonton. Esks and Maas have until Monday at 5 pm to reach a decision, per terms set by Ott.

And that has worked out SO well.

Guy has one year under his belt as OC and he's now the head coach of the defending Grey Cup champions.

This league is broken.

Man, for an off-season, it seems there isn't a day that goes by with out something happening....

League is run by a bunch of Americans who want things sorted before they leave for Holiday Season, which in the CFL runs from mid-December to early Feb.

Leveling/parity from the bottom.

So far, this off-season has been WAY more entertaining than this past regular season.
Maybe they should just skip the games and write a soap opera.

This past regular season and GC were good for me but then I actually love watching the games and the action as opposed to speak it and write it crap. But hey, if offseason stuff is your thingy, all the power to ya. Soap operas are made for English majors that couldn't figure out how to make a living out of studying languages at university. :stuck_out_tongue:

At any rate, I bet Maas eventually becomes one of the most winningest coaches in CFL history, love the guy.

"most winningest"

I suspect you weren't an English Major....


Farhan Lalji said there was a condition saying Steinauer could not bring in staff from Hamilton if he got the Edmonton job. But it never got that far as Dave Naylor said Steinauer was never interviewed.