Jason Maas being traded?

I see a lot of posts saying things like he will be put on the IR and then be traded , how can the eskimos afford that? Ray has already been hurt, Johnson looks great but has no experience, Maas led the esks into the playoffs, wasnt the greatest playoff performance and nothing hurts more than losing to the riders, thank god that will never happen again, but he had a good season. I just cant see a trade being done unless its for an already experienced qb, but if this is the case, why didnt it happen pre-season? Just wondering what all you esky fans think.

See you all at commonwealth on the 24th!!


I agree with you. I can only see him or Ray(very unlikely) being traded later in the year although I don’t think it will be for an experienced QB. I think it will be made to fill whatever hole may pop up during the season, perhaps RB, and may be accelerated if the 2 QB system is creating problems in the room.


The Esks will keep both Maas and Ray for as long as they can. The whole reason they brought in Khari was to get some depth at QB position, as their offense was really crappy last year whenever Maas went down.

Having too many good quarterbacks is a problem that every team would love to have, but I agree with supertoe - they may just get rid of Maas is they are desparate to fill another position later in the year due to injuries.

well with khari gone and i don’t know if anyone seen the 20 page eski issue in the journal on saturday about maas and how him and ricky are like best buds, theres no reason for him to be traded, him and ricky will work eachother up to being the best QBs in the cfl

–I’ll say it again. I saw where you read this. You have to look at when most of those posts were made. The thread started on May 30th, and most of the posts in it were from the first week of June. Khari has been released since then, so of course Maas won’t be traded now. And the people who made those posts two and a half weeks ago would probably agree with you.