Jason Maas and Ricky Ray Re-United as Argos


He spent 11 seasons in the CFL as a quarterback but Jason Maas will begin his coaching career teaching receivers the nuances of the three-down game.
The Toronto Argonauts named Maas as their receivers coach Tuesday. The move reunites Maas with new Argos head coach Scott Milanovich and newly acquired quarterback Ricky Ray.

Milanovich coached Maas for a season in Montreal (2007) while Maas was a longtime teammate of Ray's in Edmonton, with the two helping the Eskimos win Grey Cup titles in 2003 and '05.

"I am truly excited to begin my coaching career with the Toronto Argonauts," Maas said in a statement. "It allows me to once again work with Scott Milanovich who is not only a great person but one of the best offensive coaches I have had a chance to work with.

"I hope my experiences of playing and dealing with players will help enhance the overall production of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club. The move also brings me closer to Indiana where my family resides."

Maas joined the Eskimos in 2000 where he remained until 2005. Edmonton dealt him to Hamilton where he played just over one season (2006-'07), was then traded to Montreal for part of one season (2007). He returned to Edmonton in 2008 until his retirement just before 2011 training camp.

A great addition, but being in semantics the position should and no doubt does include as a QB coach.

I wish Maas well working in Toronto as his coaching career begins.

The Argos are making all the right moves while the Ti-Cats just sit on their hands.....I love it!

All they need now is Receivers for Maas to coach!


^^ Good one, :lol:

So is he the Rceivers coach/back-up QB?

Habs tried to reunite Gomez and Gionta to bring there Devils magic to Montreal, we all know how this is working out for us!! :thdn: It's a gamble...

Maas will distract from Ricky Ray having big ears.

....I better pm Bombs Away, appears his 7 year old nephew stole his user name and password...

^^ LOL, funny posts throughout this thread...
So Maas is going to coach receivers?
I bet that's just semantics, he's there to work with Ricky.

Oh come on... They're pro atheletes... I'm sure Maas has heard alot worse things in his life then someone making fun of his ears...
It obviously doesn't bother him... He made a couple million in his time in the CFL... He could of gotten the batwing surgery if it did...
It really is called a bat wing operation... My ex had it done when she was 17(before I met her god thank...haha)

I cant wait to see TSN pan over to him when one of his recievers drops a critical pass... The guy really wears his emotions on his sleeve. There I said something nice about him....haha

Best of luck to the new coach, sure hope he comes back to Edmonton some day.

Who else better to teach receivers how to run routes properly and react to circumstances as they develop on the field than a former QB? I'm sure Jason will work with Ricky as well as receivers but the receivers desperately need to be coached to work with Ricky. As there is no separate QB coach in TO currently I expect that HC Milanovich (former QB), OC Jonathan Himebauch (former centre and OL coach) and Maas will all work with Ray, who hardly needs coaching in QB basics anymore. Lots of offensive smarts on TO, finally.