Jason Maas and Greg Randall

Lose them both…Randall is being outclassed by every defensive end he plays. Maas cannot throw a ball longer than 10 yards accurately…

It’s time to let Eakin play and learn (the hard way) and look to trade Maas…I think we can get a couple of goalpost pads for him…Randall just needs a ticket out of town…

maas is a bum....picked off AGAIN to finish the game in style.

Randall has been quite a disappointment. Mostly just appears to be a very large pilon.

shoulda kept kerry joseph when u had the chance and given maas to sask.

20/20 Hindsight.

while we’re at blaming the qb solely don’t forget about the goalie, the pitcher,…
it’s not like it’a teamsport or anything.

ever notice our recievers dont go up and fight for balls ???

Not since Flutie and Earl Winfield before him.

on any given play no WR run down field to even give a hint that we might throw deep, so when we do throw deep the defence sees it coming for miles plain and simple the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are the most predictale team in football