Jason Maas and General Custer

Following up a 4-14 season with our fearless leader Jason Maas I can't help but compare hin with General Custer.

See... Some people believed that Custer was a great general. Some people believe that Jason Maas is a good quarterback.

Custer was an egotistical person that lead his men into a disater. His ego got himself and his men killed. Jason Maas' ego cost us a season. Playing hurt rather than admitting that he couldn't do it ruined it for EVERYONE. His teammates, coaches, fans, etc...


I think that we should refer to Jason Maas as General Custer.

Now the 'Cats can have the Little General and General Custer.

Ivor Wynne could be known as Little Big Horn.

Any thoughts? :stuck_out_tongue:


George Armstrong Custer was a Lieutenant Colonel, not a General, at the Little Big Horn.

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Little_Bighorn]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_ ... le_Bighorn[/url]

"At the end of the War, the need for command officers was no longer there and many, to stay in service, accepted demotions to a lower rank and paid the wages of rank now held, but was always given the respect and the title of the higher rank previously held. After the War, Custer was required to revert to his previous permanent rank of Captain. He then entered the painstakingly slow promotion process that was customary in the small regular army. That's why Custer was always referred to as "General Custer"."

Okay, he was only a lieutenant colonel but could he throw the deep pass?.

Yes I heard he was very good with the “bomb”. lol


To believe that the coaches, training staff and therapists could not see that he was hurt and couldn't play is an indictment of the staff. Do you think that there was a possibility that he played hurt because he was asked to? That all the other options still didn't equal what he offered? That one person does not make a team succeed. Food for thought. It's very easy to lay blame on one person than it is to place the blame on a whole group.

Wow, you can still see Ticat highlights from last season on you tube

Oh, the entire team was awful BUT when your "star" players can't get anyone the ball what are you supposed to do?

$350,000 to be as effective as a player making $35,000

Custer's Last Stand.