Jason Maas a better Backup QB?

Maybe we read this guy all wrong?

His heroics in the playoffs last year were in relief of Ricky Ray.

What a frustrating year…and I’m not terribly exicted about the balance of 2006 :thdn:

never thought he was a great first string QB.....
maybe bring back DMAC to teach the young jedi

I really think this is not a Jason Maas or Kevin Eakin or a Josh Ranek or any other offensive player problem! The problem is the offensive scheme! Receivers are not running effective routes or getting open. When a qb like Jason with his veteran leadership and a raw talent like Eakin both lay an egg in two home games,the problem is not with them. ITS COACHING! Same goes with the whole offence.

PaoPao didn’t throw the ball into the dirt several times , he’s not the one throwing behind the recievers.
Perhaps PaoPao isn’t putting anything longer than 15 yard routes is because Maas can’t throw any farther.
both long ball were underthrown.
That’s not PaoPao’s fault.

When its half time and you have not thrown a pass over 14 yds you have problems with your play caling. Joe is either stuborn or nuts! Every pattern is a curl or stop pattern. What happened to post or corner like the Argos ran against us. Tony miles ran perfect post corner and made us look stupid. This is what backs the defence up and opens up runs or short patterns.Fire Joe!

Jason Maas is a good quaterback provided he has the tools and offensive scheme to suit his style. He has the tools, but not the offensive scheme.


Maas is NOT a good QB period end of story!!!

You could have Calvillo running the plays as called and executed here and even he would struggle.

Of course, running Tom Clements and Anthony Calvillo out of town is old school fare here in Hamilton, so I'm not surprised.

End of that story. :wink:

Bingo and ditto.

Oski Wee Wee,

Didn't Maas once throw for 5,000? The problem begins with Pao Pao. When was the last time he put together a good offence? Maas is obviously not confident with the offensive scheme it doesn't fit his style so it shows on the field and in his confidence. Having said that star quarterbacks always rise to the occassion.

Maas has never proven anything, he has been a backup QB his whole CFL career, he is a good backup but not a good starter, why? He can't throw the ball deep, he has no arm power, the first interception the other night...if he would have put a little more mustard on the ball the reciever would have caught it and been gone, but he threw into double coverage, and it was hanging for a long time and was underthrown. when he rolls out and passes to a reciever going towards the sidelines, quite often it is underthrown or behind him because he simply doesnt have the arm strength, the offensive line played pretty decent last game, still were being pushed back but I say give Eakin another shot, or Richie Williams...something obviously has to be done and I believe that getting Maas was a big mistake because he is NOT the answer, he is just one of the PROBLEMS!

I'm glad Russ in Montreal has seen the light and the dark ages of chasing QB's out of Hamilton.

We even booed Joe Zuger the first game of the season after he won the Grey Cup for us,I was there.

Is Jason hurt or struggling with the new ball,or......?

Something is rotten in the Hammar ,chemistry ,clicks of Ottawa players ?


  Unfortunately Maas does not agree with you. Here is a quote from the Spectator today:

"If this continues to happen (his lousy passing), we're going to continue to lose and it's going to be all on my shoulders and I don't want that to happen," he said." The article also quotes Maas as saying he does not blame Pao Pao (I think thats just PR though).
Coach Lancaster also said Pao Pao called most of the offensive plays.
I admire Maas for saying he intends to work hard to correct his problems. But we are almost halfway though the season now. What other QB could have lasted this long as a starter with such poor performances this far into the season?

Maas is a class act. He is not going to start blaming others, he has to look into himself first and foremost and that is what he is doing. I just wish other players had the same intensity that he displays.

But as a fan, I wonder about the play calling. Very rarely did I see any crossing patterns down the middle. Most where the 5-10 yard curls and down and outs. It really does not look like they have plays that are designed to go over 15 yards and that is sad. And if Paopao is the person calling the plays, then the blame rests on his shoulders. I franky don't see him coming out and apologizing to the fans who had to witness this game. He is not much of an offensive guru.


i was never a fan of jason maas in the first plce, id rather have seen ricky ray come down to steeltown or rather if we knew abuot the disperal draft befor hand we could have gotten kerry joseph who is better than maas.

I was and still am a fan of Jason Maas !!!

Getting Ricky Ray is a dream.

Stay on the Band wagon ,it's rocky ,somethings just not being told about chemistry or injury....or?

I'll say it again!!!

Maas has a bad shoulder and cannot throw a deep ball.
The coaches know that.
Why would they put in a corner or post if they know he can't throw it.
Think harder people.
PaoPao would be a fool to do that , don't you think?

Do you really see Ronny aguing about play calls from the sidelines??? He knows the plays coming in.Do you see him calling them off?? Eh???

If PaoPao was soooo bad week after week , Ronny would have done something by now.
Think people.
Something else is up like Maas's arm.
Make sense????

Maas is a good QB, don't replace the guy......unless you want to send him to Toronto.

um yes ron did complaion abuot the play calls.. he just said in an article today, why throw for 2-3 yards short of a first down on second and ten..then shortly after he said but its not my word to say anything or complain abuot hes going to leave that up to the people above(office) and then he said he doesnt know if theres going to be coaching changes or w.e they have instore for the cars.

read some articles first before you post.


If Maas has a bad shoulder like you claim and he can't throw a long pass. Then why keep him in the game when it was obvious they were not getting anything going?

Why did they not put Eakin in or Richie Williams? Hmmm. Wouldn't it be wise to put someone else in rather than keeping Maas in there to possibly hurt his shoulder further? Do you have any proof that his shoulder is not 100 percent? I believe I have seen Eakin play a few games last year and he was rather impressive. So he had a bad game this year against Winnipeg. So what. Like everyone else on the team had a good game.

There is a lot of things wrong with this team. I have a feeling a lot of things are going to be done in the very near future. Paopao's type of offense is not suited for this type of team. We have the weapons, we just need a plan.